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Midori Greenwood-Goodwin

email: midorigg AT stanford DOT edu

Dept: Biongineering

B.S.  Chemical Engineering,
Northwestern University

Nearly 20 million people worldwide suffer from a neurodegenerative disorder. While many of these disorders are characterized by intrinsic neuronal defects, recent studies have shown that insufficient production of angiogenic contributors can further cause neurodegeneration. These same angiogenic factors have demonstrated neuroprotective activity, promoting survival in response to hypoxia, injury, and other forms of stress, such that the use of angiogenic factors have important implications in the development of neurovascular medicine. Current therapies for neurodegenerative disorders using neural progenitor cells are limited by cell viability, proliferation, and poor integration upon transplantation. Improving the efficacy of cell based therapies will require the development of bioactive material scaffolds that enhance vascularization, cell viability, and cell proliferation compared to direct transplantation. We are interested in developing a platform where gene therapies, neuroprotective peptides, and individual angiogenic factors are encapsulated and integrated into an injectable three-dimensional protein-based hydrogel for enhanced cell growth in vitro and survivability in vivo

Materials Science & Engineering DepartmentStanford University

Updated 7/10