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Hermanos Scholarships Update

Our scholarship application for 2013-2014 is ready.

The application can be found in our new website at the following address: Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to reviewing your application

Los Hermanos de Stanford |

Hermanos Scholarships

Los Hermanos de Stanford is committed to academic excellence, community service, and cultural awareness. We raise money throughout the year in order to fund the Los Hermanos de Stanford High School Scholarship fund. The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors in order to help fund their college finances; we believe that cost should not be a factor in whether or not a student should attend college.

This year our brotherhood will award several scholarships to outstanding Latino students graduating from high school with plans to attend any 2-year or 4-year institution of higher learning. Applicants will be judged on their contributions to the aforementioned guiding principles of our organization: academic excellence, community service, and cultural awareness. Financial need will be taken into account, along with many other important factors. The scholarship will not be disbursed until Los Hermanos de Stanford receives proof of enrollment. The award is open to male and female applicants, and attending Stanford University is NOT a requirement. Thank you for your cooperation and good luck!

Deadline to submit is April 30, 2012. This is the actual deadline, please disregard the one on the application. This year's application has been updated. Any questions or comments about the application should be addressed to:

  Download PDF Version

  Download WORD Version

Hermanos De Stanford


This is the official website of Los Hermanos De Stanford

As Los Hermanos De Stanford, we stand firm in our beliefs:

      1. Participation in the community
      2. A strive for academic excellence
      3. Preservaion of our Chicano/Latino culture and a long lasting bond

Each member dedicates his/her(for Andrea) heart and soul to these goals and when these efforts are aggregated, a solid foundation is created.

This is not the basis for a club, a group, or a fairweather association, but for the essence of a familia.

Through the support of family and the strength derived from unity we can stand with fortitude.

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