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The Immune System and HD

The human immune system consists of various cells circulating in blood and lymph vessels that can localize to sites of damage, injury, or infection and help in repairing damaged cells and destroying foreign or unhealthy substances. The immune system is complex, involving innate mechanisms such as inflammation and fever as well as adaptive mechanisms like […]


Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: The Future of Tissue Generation

As viable human brain tissue is not available for use in studying disease development and creating therapies for neurological disorders like Huntington’s disease (HD), researchers desperately needed an alternative cell source for this purpose.  Embryonic stem cells fit this role but have many disadvantages, especially for treatments, including immune rejection by the recipient. Some of […]


Induced Neurons

Despite predictions of transdifferentiation being a technology of the future, Dr. Marius Wernig’s lab at Stanford has recently discovered a method of reengineering neurons directly from fibroblasts by the the forced expression of transgenes. This is the same method by which induced pluriptent stem cells (iPSCs) are produced, and transdifferentiation, the engineering of cells so […]