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Huntington’s Disease-Like 2 (HDL2)

HDL2 Huntington’s Disease (HD) has become widely recognized by both physicians and patients alike, however, patients occasionally go to the doctor with HD symptoms and, surprisingly, genetic tests show that they do not have the HD gene mutation. These patients may have what recent investigations have unveiled as a new class of Huntington Disease-Like (HDL) […]


Trinucleotide Repeat Disorders

When the cause of a disease can be traced to having too many copies of a certain nucleotide triplet in the DNA, the disease is said to be a trinucleotide repeat disorder. Today, there are 14 documented trinucleotide repeat disorders that affect human beings**. Huntington’s Disease is part of this group. cells control nucleus refined […]


Dementia in Huntington's Disease

Dementia refers to neurodegeneration that results in loss of mental abilities. Neurodegeneration is the loss of mental abilities that can be caused by brain damage and/or neuron death. For this reason, dementia is common in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. While Huntington’s Disease (HD) is commonly thought of as a motor disorder, cognitive symptoms […]