Autumn Quarter 2017: Sabbatical

Winter Quarter 2018: EE216. Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices (with E. Pop)

Semiconductors are a key driver of job growth, productivity, and innovation throughout the world. This broad overview of the latest semiconductor technology will cover the specifics of how semiconductors function and are used every day in industry. Topics such as carrier generation, transport, recombination, and storage in semiconductors are covered, as well as first-order device models that are useful for integrated-circuit analysis and design.

Spring Quarter 2018: Engr. 241. Advanced Micro and Nano Fabrication Laboratory

Engr. 241 is new project course for graduate students with some experience in micro/nanofabrication. It willprovide students with an introduction to emerging fabrication paradigms and the techniques for productive experimental research, while they perform team projects under the mentorship staff and external mentors.  The goal of the projects is to characterize new tools and process flows in the Experimental Fab (ExFab), for the benefit of the research community. Students will plan and execute experiments and document them in a final presentation and report, to be made available on the SNF’s Wiki. Enrollment is limited to 20.

Spring Quarter 2018: Engr. 40M (with J. D. Plummer)

Eng. 40M provides an introduction to the broad field of electrical engineering through a series of hands-on projects. Countless devices use electronics, from cars to clocks to cameras to cell phones, but the way they work is usually hidden and often mysterious. Our objective is to demystify the world of electronics by tearing things apart (both literally and figuratively) so that you can understand how they work, and give you the skills to construct electronic devices of your own. Half of the course is about the theoretical analysis of circuits, which you'll practice on the homework and prelab assignments. The other half is the construction and debugging of actual electronics projects, which you'll learn from making things in the lab.