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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Swami Vedananda Jee's Letter to Ajay...

"Dear Ajay,
Regarding your question as to Eastern or Western approaches to the subject of achieving wisdom, here is an offering to either clarify or else to muddy the waters further:

Within everyone is the light of wisdom - some people call it the spark of God, or the Buddha nature, or the voice of conscience, or the true Self, or the Great Spirit -- this is admitted by all cultures, Eastern, Western Northern, or Southern. The names are different, and the methods are different, but in some fashion this is the truest vision admitted by vastly different cultures in far ranging areas of the globe.

This would imply that all wisdom is already within. We do not get it from the experience of others, and we do not get it from our own experience. It is already ours. The experience of others or of ourselves only makes us aware of what we already have. If you did not
already have it within, you would not recognize it at all, no matter what revealed it to you. Perfection is ours already; we need not go anywhere or do anything to achieve it, but it takes an enormous struggle to convince ourselves of this and to actually clear our vision so that we can see it. But, though enormous, the struggle is also full of joy, because we cannot fail, and in the end, no matter how the struggle turns out, we shall simply fall like tired children onto the
lap of God.

Best wishes as always, Vedananda"


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