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ILL Clan Survives Machinima Performance at Stanford!

I'm just back from the Ill Clan's live performance at Stanford this evening. Actually, the half-hour live performance was preceded by a roughly 45 minute introductory presentation by Paul Marino, one of the co-founders of the Ill Clan. In this presentation, he presented a few general ideas by way of introduction, then showed a dozen or so clips from a range of machinima styles and uses, such as dance movies, commercial spots, artistic movies, early machinima, etc.

We will be talking more about the achievements and possibilities of machinima tomorrow, so I found myself mostly wondering about potential questions. For one, I'll be interested in finding out more about the relationship between the onscreen avatar and offscreen but live voice actors. How does this offer an enhancement of performance possibilities? Is this a completely separate situation from live, in-game ("virtual") performance? Will someone who experiences this evening's performance via a video capture experience something completely different, an "archival" artifact rather than an actual performance experience? And if so, can there be truly live performance in a completely virtual environment? In other words, their work raises some interesting issues about presence, performance, identity, and so on.

I hope other people who experienced this event will post their thoughts here.



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