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Community Players in Tucson

Just returned from a short trip to the University of Arizona, where I gave two guest lectures on Jan. 18. I was invited to Tucson to give the opening lecture for a new exhibit in the Department of Special Collections and the Science-Engineering Library, "Documenting Digital Play: Computer Games and Their Communities." The lecture was titled, "Community Players: Gameplay as Public Performance and Cultural Artifact." Earlier in the day, I spoke to a group of university librarians and library school students on the topic, "Life with the Sims: Games, Libraries and Research." The lecture and reception were sponsored by the Learning Games Initiative, the Friends of the University of Arizona Libraries, and the UA Department of English, and it was written up nicely in the Tucson Citizen as "Virtual World Is Not a Lonely Place After All," which you can read here.

It is very exciting to see that other academic institutions are jumping into the collection and presentation of archives of computer and video games. Take a look at the Learning Games Initiative at U of A for an interesting approach to this problem.


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