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Henry Lowood's Lecture

Henry Lowood will give a talk on March 9, 2006 at 04:15 PM at Stanford University titled "Community Players: Gameplay as Public Performance and Cultural Artifact" as a part of the ongoing SSP Forum.

SSP Forum: Henry Lowood
Mar 9, 2006 at 04:15 PM
Event Location: 380-380C

Event Description: "Community Players: Gameplay as Public Performance and Cultural Artifact"

Speaker: Henry Lowood Science, Technology, and Society Program Stanford University

Players of computer and video games are remarkably creative. More than spectators or fans, they are proving that media consumers can also produce, whether by posting their opinions and replays, or by making mods and movies. These activities are becoming the basis for virtual communities of players and fans attracted to games as a mode of performance. In this lecture, I will recall how game culture's community players came to be, reflect on their artistic and social practices, and speculate about how archives of these performances can give voice not just to community players, but to communities of players.

More info can be found here.


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