Matt Kirschenbaum's Zone of Influence

Matt Kirschenbaum of the University of Maryland has just launched a new game studies blog called Zone of Influence . He created it "to combine my academic interests in modeling, simulation, and technologies of representation with my hobbyist interests in games, particularly board wargames."

Here is some more of what Matt has to say about the blog and the subjects he will cover:

HistoryTelling and Convergence Culture

As a life-long player of historical simulations and games, I have long been interested in the ways in which games can be used as a narrative medium about history. I've called this HistoryTelling and spoken about the ways in which it has been attempted and also about how I think it might work with digital games.

Wikipedia, sources, machinima

An interesting post in Alexander Knorr's Xirdalium blog ties issues around accepted uses of source material in Wikipedia to my own work in the history of machinima. So I can't resist posting an excerpt here:

The Future of Digital Education

Henry Lowood will be on panel titled "The Future of Digital Education" sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation on Berkman Island, in Second Life, on Nov. 13th, 4pm PST.

Berkman Island was set up by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society (Harvard Law School). Organized by Steve Anderson, the panel will also feature Douglas Thomas, Anne Balsamo, and Mike Eisenberg. Please stay tuned for more information about the event.

Xfire-SHL Machinima Showcase, Tonight!

XFIRE presents Machinima Showcase at Stanford University Thursday, October 26

"World of Warcraft Summer Movie Contest" Winners Screening And Machinima Panel Discussion To Be Featured

What: Xfire is hosting a special screening event ( announcing and showcasing the winners of the Blizzard/Xfire "World of Warcraft Summer Movie Contest."

Nicholas Werner's "Est Mori"

The new featured pick at the Machinima Archive is "Est Mori."

"Est Mori" was written and directed by Nicholas Werner, a Stanford student in Film & Media Studies. He is also part of the How They Got Game group at the Stanford Humanities Laboratory.

Keen v. Anderson on "New Webocracy"

Under the title "Debate 2.0: Weighing the merits of the new Webocracy," today's San Francisco Chronicle carried a fascinating debate between Andrew Keen, author of the forthcoming Cult of the Amateur and Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail. But of course you don't need to find a copy of the newspaper to read it.

Overman's Latest

The current spotlight pick at the Machinima Archive is Overman's wonderfully juvenile, yet restrained "Male Restrooom Etiquette." I think this amusing piece proves that it is not game culture that is immature, but male culture. Or maybe both.

Games and Culture: Wow

The October issue of Games and Culture: A Journal of Interactive Media was edited by Tanya Krzywinska and Henry Lowood. This special issue focuses on Blizzard's MMOG World of Warcraft. It features six essays from leading ludologists from all over the world.
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