Virtual Film Festival @ Sundance

From Kotatu, at this year's Sundance Film Festival there will be a "virtual festival" called "Chrysler in the Movies: Virtual Film Competition," where people can submit their own homemade movies created from the game The Movies. The competition will even have an online awards ceremony for the winners.

New "spotlight item" @ Machinima Archive

Feisar's "June" is the new spotlight pick at the Machinima Archive. Feisar is a member of the Georgia Tech machinima group, and this is a nice bit of work in Half-Life 2.

Find "June" here.

Creating Games and Simulation in Learning

"Creating Games and Simulation in Learning" is an event organized by Stanford University Medical Media & Information Technologies, SUMMIT.

The second edition will take place on January 23 at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, CA. It consists in a series of Workshops up and down the Pacific Coast on various aspects of simulations and games for applications in Medicine.

The Machinima Reader

CfP: The Machinima Reader

Edited by Henry Lowood and Michael Nitsche

The Machinima Reader will assemble the first collection of essays to critically review the phenomenon of Machinima from a wide variety of perspectives.

Machinima: Creative Anarchy vs. Institutionalization

During my brief presentation, I mentioned that machinima might soon become a contested artform. Specifically, I argued that the gradual institutionalization of machinima, i.e. its wider, cultural acceptance as a medium, will inevitably lead to legal disputes and copyright struggles akin to those experienced in contiguous media industries (e.g., music and cinema).

ILL Clan Survives Machinima Performance at Stanford!

I'm just back from the Ill Clan's live performance at Stanford this evening. Actually, the half-hour live performance was preceded by a roughly 45 minute introductory presentation by Paul Marino, one of the co-founders of the Ill Clan. In this presentation, he presented a few general ideas by way of introduction, then showed a dozen or so clips from a range of machinima styles and uses, such as dance movies, commercial spots, artistic movies, early machinima, etc.

Machinima Performance at Stanford

This event is open to the public and will consist of a live performance by the machinima performance group the ILL Clan on Sunday, December 4th 2005 in Annenberg Auditorium on the Stanford campus, followed by an in-class panel discussion with the performers in IHUM 57 ("The Human and the Machine") on December 5th.

The Video Game Major

The New York Times leads their tech section today with a story on the growing number of gaming-oriented academic programs. The article mentions a distinction between game design programs and the study of games as a cultural phenomenon, but doesn't dig much deeper.

Some highlights:

/. on gaming addiction

I take a fair bit of guilty pleasure in how much I enjoy reading the comments on Slashdot. The community's reaction to the slightly weak New Scientist article Gaming fanatics show hallmarks of drug addiction is no exception.

People were pretty quick to take the basic premise of the article apart:

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