Potentior: First Official Screening

Nicholas Werner's machinima, Potentior, will be officially screened on Wednesday, May 24, 8:00 pm, in Roble Parlor, Stanford University.


Set during the last major battle of the Gallic Wars, Potentior follows the opposing generals Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix as one tries to subdue Gaul entirely, and the other fights to get it back. Roughly 45 minutes long, the film is a both a full recreation of the battle and an examination of the nature of war and conquest as understood by the people closest to it. Made entirely with the Rome: Total War graphics engine, Potentior marks one of the first entries of RTS gaming into the world of machinima, and is one of the longest single pieces to yet exist in the medium. The director, Nicholas Warner, is a student at Stanford University

What: The premiere of Potention, Nick Werner's machinima
When: Wednesday, May 24.
Where: Roble Parlor, Stanford University
(Roble Parlor located in Roble dorm which is just across from Roble Gym).