Presentations from our Speakers (actual content coming soon)
Machinima 101: Making Movies in Game Worlds
Moderated by Henry Lowood
Speakers: Joseph DeLappe, J. Joshua Diltz, Douglas Gayeton, Clint Hackleman

The Rules of Play: The Role of the EULA and other issues in Machinima Creation and Distribution
Moderated by Lauren Gelman
Speakers: Sean F. Kane, Mark Methenitis, Chris Ridder, Jennifer Urban

The Rules of Play: Copyright and Fair Use in Machinima
Moderated by Julie Ahrens
Speakers: JoAnn Covington, Roxanne Christ, Fred von Lohmann, Matthew Skelton, Shane McGee

Machinima in Game Preservation: A Fair Use Activity?
Moderated by Matteo Bittanti
Speakers: Mimi Calter, Kari Kraus, Jerome McDonough, Michael Nitsche, Bernadette Daly Swanson


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