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Safari test: 5:0, 5:09 lets try to save Firefox on Mac doesn't save my session, but does save my text

Another save test.

Test: 4:32, 4:42, still logged in.

Another test. Amazing, Safarididn't log me out at all.

Test from Windows XP machine. FF. Test started at 11:24 AM. All well.

Test from Windows XP machine using IE7. TEst started at 4:03 PM. SAving at 4:19

Headline text

hrhethfghfghfghfghfgh 4:47

This page is a sandbox for testing new extensions to the wiki.

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Directory of I:\

11/21/1996  10:07 AM         1,551,360 manual.sta
11/20/1996  12:09 PM                73 doom.log
11/20/1996  11:09 AM                30 install.bat
11/20/1996  09:51 AM             5,646 readme.txt
11/19/1996  10:21 AM               820 setup.cfg
02/11/1996  06:34 PM         1,017,728 omoplay.exe
12/21/1994  09:07 AM           116,224 setup.exe
12/07/1993  05:05 PM             9,516
               8 File(s)      2,701,397 bytes
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