Contact information

Tyler A. Merz
Phd student

476 Lomita Mall, McCullough Building,
410 Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-4045

(+1) 650-724-4691

Tyler A. Merz

Previous Education

Ohio State University, B.S. Engineering Physics, 2011.
University of Cambrdige, MPhil Physics, 2012.
Stanford University, PhD Applied Physics, ongoing.

Research Interests

The research which I performed during my undergraduate career largely focused on the topic of semiconducting oxides, their defects, and controlling their interfacial properties. I look to continue along this line of work while at Stanford by continuing to focus on oxide interfaces, but with the added ability to grow and manipulate heterostructures with the aim of inducing novel electronic states which might lead to novel device functionality.


See ResearcherID page for updated list.

Conference Presentations

2010 Sao Paulo Research Exchange, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. "Native Defect formation with ZnO Nanostructure Growth."

2010 Electronic Materials Conference, University of Notre Dame, Indiana. "Native Defect formation with ZnO Nanostructure Growth."

2009 Electronic Materials Conference, Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania. "Nanoscale Deep Level Defect Mapping and Energetics at ZnO(0001) Surfaces."


Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Winston Churchill Scholarship
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

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