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For Communication Researchers
About I-RITE

NCA logoSince 2001, we have collaborated with the National Communication Association to provide external reviewers for I-RITE programs. For Fall 2002, we extended our reviewer program for I-SPEAK participation.

Thanks to funding from the Wallenberg Global Learning Network, NCA-affiliated faculty have collaborated with the Research Communication Program to better understand how experts can communicate complex information to general audiences.

New! Download preliminary findings from a paper (PDF format) accepted to the NCA 2005 conference (Boston, November 2005).

Project collaborators include:

  • Katherine Rowan, George Mason University, USA
  • Carolyn Gale, Stanford University
  • Bryan Whaley, University of San Francisco, USA
  • Vera Michalchik, SRI International, USA
  • Lawrence Tovar, Stanford University
  • Carolyn Stalcup
  • Margaretha Andolf, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Sweden
  • Marina Joubert, SAASTA (Agency for Science & Technology Advancement), South Africa

For Non-Stanford Affiliates

About I-RITE

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in participating in a combined I-RITE/I-SPEAK course, check out our Winter 2005 course through Stanford's Continuing Studies Program.

If you are at a university or company outside of Stanford and are interested in taking or offering I-RITE/I-SPEAK workshops, please contact us for information on pilot programs.