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Frequently Asked Questions
About I-RITE

The terms course and workshop are interchangeable in the answers below.

How will I-RITE/I-SPEAK benefit me?

I-RITE/I-SPEAK is more than a writing program. You will also learn what it takes to communicate complex work to a lay audience, quickly and succinctly. These are skills critical for successful job talks, cover letters, grant applications, and communications with colleagues outside of your discipline and the mass media.

Prior participants have told us that they continue to use the general skills learned in I-RITE in their everyday communication with others.


Will I be able to retain copyrights to original material contained in my statements?

The author owns the copyright which exists automatically once the statement is typed, printed, sent via e-mail, or posted to the I-RITE/I-SPEAK website. There is no need to formally apply for a copyright.

By completing the I-RITE/I-SPEAK program, the author agrees to the posting of his/her statement on the I-RITE/I-SPEAK website. The website will make clear that these statements can be reproduced and distributed in whole or in part by anyone as long as they are not used for commercial purposes and that full attribution is given to the copyright holder - that is, the author -- and the I-RITE/I-SPEAK program.

Last modified April 2007