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I-RITE Archive: Humanities
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Name Title Department University Date
Apel, Jan Erik Daggers, Knowledge & Power -
The Social Aspects of Flint-Dagger Technology in Scandinavia 2350-1500 BC
Anthropological Sciences Uppsala May 2001
Barnes, Steven Confining Soviet Society:
Concentration Camps and Internal Exile, 1930s-1950s
History Stanford May 2001
Barrera, Magdalena Images of the US-Mexican Family Between Revolution and Repatriation English Stanford Dec 2001
Bell, Phaedra Dialogic Media: Performance and Video in Conversations across the Dimensional Divide Drama Stanford Mar 2000
Beyer, Lawrence Might Our Minds Not Be Unified? Philosophy Stanford  
Chavez, Marisela The Emergence of Chicana Feminism, 1967-1981 History Stanford Dec 2001
Davies, Telory W. Disability Fosters Innovation on the Stage Drama Stanford Jun 2002
Edling, Agnes Practices Surrounding Texts in School Linguistics Uppsala Jun 2002
Fei, Si-yen The Making of a Premodern Metropolis History Stanford Dec 2001
Hensley, Shannon What Is Critical Thinking and How Do We Learn To Do It? Philosophy Claremont Mar 2002
Jenks, Andrew Nationalism in a Box: The Production of Russian and Socialist Identity, 1814-1991 History Stanford May 2001
Karlstrom, Anna The Archaeology of Vientiane: The Role of Ordinary People in Urban Development and Cultural Heritage Archaeology Uppsala Jun 2002
Larsson, Esbjorn From Boarding School to Specialized Military Education History Uppsala Jun 2001
Marler, Grant A. The Logic of Make-Believe Philosophy Claremont Mar 2002
Negron, Marisol Salsa Music and Puerto Rican Identity Spanish & Portuguese Stanford Dec 2001
Ott, John Guardians Upon the Walls of This Terrestrial Jerusalem History Stanford July 1999
Pritchard, Sara Recreating the Rhone: Nature and Technology in France Since World War II History Stanford May 2001
Reichard, Caroline Courage and the Art of Living Religious Studies Stanford Aug 1999
Rytkonen, Helle Muslims in "Our" Very Middle-Contemporary European Identity Construction Modern Thought and Literature Stanford Nov 2002
Scott, Christopher Invisible Men: Resident Korean Writers in Postwar Japan, 1945-1972 Asian Languages Stanford Jun 2001
Scotto di Luzio, Patrick Proving With Pictures? Philosophy Stanford Jun 2001
Suttmeier, Bruce Seeing Past Destruction: War, Memory and Visuality in 1960s Japanese Fiction Asian Languages Stanford Jun 2001
Vandenhaute, Daan On Entering Into the World: A Study of Poets of Debut Volumes in the Swedish Literary Field from 1968-1976 Comparative Literature Ghent (Belgium) Jun 2001
West, Tore Teacher and Student Interaction During Music Lessons Music / Education Royal Institute of Music (Sweden) Aug 2001