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I-RITE Archive: Social Science
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Name Title Department University Date
Agerup, Kristi A Case Study and Try Out of Brainspace in Internationally Distributed Teams Education Stanford/Oslo Jun 2002
Ahlén, Anna-Maria Keeping up Competence in a Fast-Paced World, or Life Histories of Swedish Internet Pioneers Education Uppsala May 2001
Backstrom, Åsa There Is More to Skateboarding Than Just Skateboarding! Education Uppsala Jun 2002
Bandy, Elizabeth Heroes and Villians: When is Media Violence Justified? Communication Stanford May 2001
Bequette, James Why is American Indian Art Good for Children? Education Stanford Jun 2003
Boggio, Andrea The Puzzle of Mass Torts: A Comparative Study of Asbestos Litigation Law Stanford May 2001
Borelius, Ulf Religious Changes in Peru: The Rise of Liberation Theology Sociology Uppsala May 2001
Börjesson, Mikael Transnational Educational Strategies and Investments in Swedish Higher Education Sociology Uppsala May 2001
Butler, Emily Emotional Conversations: Can Hiding Your Feelings Make You and Your Partner Sick? Psychology Stanford  
Carrigan, Jane Zen and the Art of Followership: In Search of the "Pygmalion" of Followership Education Claremont Mar 2002
Caronna, Carol Organizational Identity in Changing Contexts: The Case of Kaiser Permanente and the US Healthcare Field Sociology Stanford  
Collentine, Dennis Doing Something About It: Environmental Policy That Works Economics Uppsala Jun 2002
Engovatov, Natalia How Families We Imagine Affect Our Decisions Psychology Stanford Mar 2002
Ettinger, Audrey How Does a Cell Decide What to be When it Grows up? Psychology Stanford  
Goldfarb, Brent Science for Sale Economics Stanford  
Gould, Erica Ruth The Contending Sources of International Organizational Change Political Science Stanford  
Grönbladh, Ingegerd Gunvik The Hazards of Getting a Job in the Academic System Educational Science Uppsala Mar 2002
Gurney, Derek The Pollution of Antibiotics, and Why Pharmaceutical Companies Might Care About Antibiotic Resistance Economics Stanford Nov 2002
Gustafsson, Jonas Why Should Billy Play or Lisa Sing? Teacher Education Uppsala Aug 2001
Hillygus, D. Sunshine Did Gore's Kiss Work?: Campaign Effects in Election 2000 Political Science Stanford Dec 2001
Inoue, Keiko Empowering Individuals: Rise and Expansion of Health Education and Women's Issues at the World Health Organization Education Stanford Dec 2001
Jenne, Erin Minority Revolt as a Function of Nationalist Signaling Political Science Stanford  
Jones, Stacey From Home Economics to Economics (and Business, Medicine, and Law): A Shift in Women's Higher Education Economics Stanford Jun 2001
Kaijser, Lars Country Shopkeepers: An Ethnological Study of an Economic Activity Ethnology Stockholm May 2001
Kelle, Alexander Giving the Biological Weapons Treaty Eyes to See and Teeth to Bite Center for International Security and Cooperation Stanford Mar 2002
Krych, Meredyth Can a Description of What You See Influence What You Remember? Psychology Stanford Apr 2000
Lagerqvist, Christopher Why Live "In the Middle of Nowhere?" Economic History Uppsala Jun 2002
Lee, Samantha Re-regulating the Telecommunications Industry in the United States and Japan Law Stanford Dec 2001
Levisohn, Jon Should History Students Be Interpreters of History? Education Stanford Mar 2002
Lockenhoff, Corinna I Think, and Therefore I Can: How Our Expectations Influence the Way we Age Psychology Stanford Jun 2001
Loomis, Colleen How Do Settings Strengthen Individuals? Psychology Stanford Dec 2001
Lundin, Sverker Finding Social Mechanisms Behind the Failure of Mathematics Education Mathematics / Education Chalmers Jun 2002
Mah, Daniel A Tale of Two Networks: Early Telephony and the Commercial Internet Law Stanford Dec 2001
Månsson, Niclas Stranger Than Others: What Makes a Person Part of the In-group or the Out-group? Teacher Education Uppsala Jun 2002
Melguizo, Tatiana Is Stanford Good Enough for Your Child? Education Stanford Mar 2002
Melkersson, Hans How Do You Get Your Body? Education Uppsala Jun 2002
Nash, John What Is Success? Wallenberg Global Learning Network Stanford Dec 2001
Razo, Armando Why and When Does the Economy Need a Committed Government? Political Science Stanford Dec 2001
Razquin, Paula You Get the Teachers You Pay For Education Stanford Mar 2002
Remmel, Ethan Deaf and Hearing Children's Understanding of How Perception Leads to Knowledge Psychology Stanford  
Rhodes, Sybil After Privatization, Latin American Consumers Stand up for Their Rights Political Science Stanford Dec 2001
Sandvig, Christian How do we Know What the Internet is for? Communication Stanford Jun 2001
Schall, Jeffrey How Does the Brain Make up its Mind? Vision Research Center Vanderbilt Aug 2001
Suhermanto, Herry Knowledge and Information Transfer in Indonesia's Agricultural Society Economics Claremont Mar 2002
Takaki, Keiichi How Does Ethnicity Affect the Success of Small Businesses in Developing Economies? Sociology Stanford Dec 2001
Yu, Xiang How Neurons Extend Their Tentacles: A Balance Between Length and Strength Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences Stanford Jun 2002
Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin Letters to the Editor as a Forum for Public Debate Communication Stanford Aug 1999
West, Tore Teacher and Student Interaction During Music Lessons Music / Education Royal Institute of Music (Sweden) Aug 2001
Zetterman, Monica Langerth Making the Grade: Using Digital Archives to Improve Education Education Uppsala Jun 2002