Spanish Association at Stanford


  • President: Felix Gonzalez-Herranz email
  • Vice-president: Carlos Fernandez-Granda
  • Financial Officer: Idoia Ochoa-Alvarez
  • E-Commerce Officer: Idoia Ochoa-Alvarez email
  • Signatory Member: Borja Peleato
  • Signatory Member: Adrián Buganza Tepole
  • Signatory Member: Daniel Sánchez Martín
  • Signatory Member: Christina Delimitrou

Stanford Mailing List

New Affiliates are invited to register for the Iberia mailing list. This list is a general-purpose mailing list, created to receive an update information about upcoming events. To subscribe, go to, press the “Mailman tools page” link, and write “iberia-mas” beside “Go To Subsriber Page”.

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