Stanford IEEE Student Chapter Officers 2013-2014

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Roshni Cooper

Role: President
Roshni is a third-year PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering. She is the chair of Stanford IEEE this year, and in previous years she has worked with other local IEEE chapters to co-chair the annual New Frontiers in Computing conference. At Stanford, her research applies image processing techniques to biological fluorescence images of neurons, allowing biologists to understand the nervous system more thoroughly and accurately. In her spare time, Roshni volunteers with local at-risk high school students through a program called BUILD, which uses entrepreneurship as a vehicle to excite students and get them to college.

Howard Ro

Role: Vice Chair
Howard is a coterminal (BS + MS) student at Stanford majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. His academic interests include Machine Learning, Web & Mobile Development, and Optimizations. He is the vice chair of Stanford IEEE this year, and in previous years he has served as the chair of Stanford IEEE collaborating with local IEEE chapters as well as other chapters throughout the nation. In his free time, Howard likes to take photographs, play poker, and overdose sugar.

Vijay Narasimhan

Role: EDS Leader
Vijay is a PhD candidate and Fulbright Scholar in the Materials Science Department at Stanford. Vijay is investigating how to use nanoscale roughness and ultra-thin surface coatings to make electron emission more efficient in sensors and energy conversion devices. He holds a master's degree in Nanotechnology from the University of Cambridge and an undergraduate Computer Engineering degree from the University of Ottawa. He brings 8 years of service with the IEEE to his new role as EDS Chapter Chair. He served as Chair of the University of Ottawa Student Branch and was Membership Development Chair with IEEE Ottawa Section and IEEE Canada (Region 7). He has been awarded the IEEE's Larry K. Wilson Award and the IEEE Canadian Scholarship for his service.

Uche Monu

Role: Woman in Engineering Leader
Uche is a fifth year PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering. At Stanford, her research is focused on image processing and quantitative MRI techniques for the early detection of knee osteoarthritis. She is very passionate about women in engineering and has been very active in the Women in Electrical Engineering student group (WEE). She currently serves as a graduate student coordinator at the Women's Community Center (WCC). In her spare time, Uche likes to play tennis, swim and work on Africa related issues.

Jai Sajnani

Role: Industry Liaison
Jai is a junior in the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford and hails from Long Island, New York. He will be serving as one of the industry liaisons for IEEE this year and will be assisting in coordinating technical and recruiting talks to connect students to innovative companies and potential employers. On campus, he is involved with the undergraduate business association and conducts research in neural prosthesis.

Zachary Kaufman

Role: Industry Liaison, Publicity
Zachary graduated with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida in May 2013. He began his graduate studies at Stanford in the Electrical Engineering Department in Fall of 2013. He is interested in mixed-signal circuit design.

Nina Vaidya

Role: Industry Liaison, Outreach
Nina researches on optical concentrators and meta-materials to make solar energy conversion more efficient, practical and low cost; as a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering department, Stanford. She was a fundraising officer for Engineers Without Borders at University of Cambridge, UK, where she did her undergraduate and masters studies; and now part of IEEE student chapter at Stanford. She organises industry events, technical talks and company visits as one of the the industry liaisons. She also co-ordinates outreach activities to get young people interested in Engineering and Sciences, with a focus to especially encourage high school girls to consider Engineering as a career option.

Scott Powers

Role: Faculty Liaison
Scott Powers is a first-year PhD student in statistics, interested in machine learning and data mining. Outside of academics, he plays for Stanford's club baseball and club volleyball teams.

Tian Zhao

Role: Corporate Liaison
Biography: Tian is a junior in Electrical Engineering from Jiangsu, China. He serves in the Corporate Division. His fields of study include circuit design and signal processing. When not having work, Tian likes to watch movies and play piano. He hopes to bring in more speakers from industry this year to let people learn more about what EE can do.

Vivek Jain

Role: Social Officer
Vivek is a sophomore Computer Science major from Singapore. He can never get enough of programming. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling and reading.

Rahul Pandey

Role: General Officer
Rahul is a master's student in Computer Science major from Rochester, Michigan. He is tremendously excited to serve in the IEEE Stanford student branch and hopes to help the IEEE community enjoy and explore the engineering world. When he's not preparing for IEEE or coding, Rahul enjoys baking vegan desserts, listening to Justin Bieber, and smiling.

Vinith Misra

Role: General Officer
Vinith Misra is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering who is rapidly approaching escape velocity. He proves and codes to solve problems in information theory and machine learning. He's a big fan of film and drama in all its forms.

Annie Chiu

Role: General Officer
Annie's field of expertise is Business Intelligence -- she's currently a hopeful GSB applicant. Previously, she has worked at Google, a fashion start-up, and Stanford University. During her free time, she enjoys road biking, running, and reading HBR.

Akshay Agrawal

Role: Webmaster
Akshay is pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, nurturing his interest in mathematics along the way. In his free time, he enjoys working on challenging problems, exploring trails by bike, and reading fiction (preferably while sipping tea).