Matthias Ihme

Ihme Group: Turbulence and Combustion

Ihme Group – Research Group of Prof. Matthias Ihme

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  • Discontinuous Galerkin method for multicomponent chemically reacting flows and combustion
  • Subgrid-scale backscatter in reacting and inert supersonic hydrogen–air turbulent mixing layers
  • Effects of finite-rate chemistry and detailed transport on the instability of jet diffusion flames
  • Effects of flow-field and mixture inhomogeneities on the ignition dynamics in continuous flow reactors
  • Analysis of segregation and bifurcation in turbulent spray flames: A 3D counterflow configuration
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Research activities of the Ihme Group focus on the computational modeling of turbulent and chemically reacting flows; particular emphasis is directed towards improving the fundamental understanding of underlying physical processes involving the coupling between turbulence, combustion-chemistry, pollutant formation and noise emission. Our research approach combines classical theoretical analysis tools (including linear stability analysis, rapid distortion theory, and stochastic models), numerical models (such as Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) formulations and large-eddy simulations (LES)), and the utilization of direct numerical simulation (DNS) results for the development, analysis, and validation of computational models. Current research interests include:

  • Heat-transfer and boundary layers in internal combustion engines and rocket propulsion systems
  • Combustion-generated noise and supersonic jet noise
  • High-order numerical techniques for chemically reacting flows
  • Development of LES-models for application to kinetics-controlled combustion, including auto-ignition, low-temperature combustion, and combustion-dynamic processes
  • Characterization of facility-induced non-idealities in rapid-compression engines, shock-tubes, and flow reactors

Our research activities are supported through NSFONRAFOSRNASA, DOE, FAA, BOSCH, and FORD.

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