Biomass combustion and wildfires

Biomass smoldering Smoldering significantly contributes to the amount of biomass consumed. In wood fires, fire spread can be accelerated by the transport of embers, while fires can be restarted from…

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Hypersonic flows

Ablation modeling at the microscale Figure. 1 --- Pore-resolved finite-volume heat transfer simulation with imposed concentration gradient Figure 2 --- Simulation of the decomposition of a carbon fiber ablator During…

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Supercritical flows

Energy resources and CO2 sequestration With the depletion of conventional fuel reserves, there is an increasing interest in exploration of unconventional reservoirs. This involves a complex mixture of oil, gas,…

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Reacting flows

Flame blow-out Instantaneous temperature field in a central x-y plane for swirl-stabilized combustor Instantaneous stoichiometric mixture fraction isosurface colored by OH concentration Lagrangian flamelet structures colored by temperature In order…

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Advanced energy-conversion concepts

Porous media combustion As emission regulations become increasingly more stringent and policies evolve to combat global climate change impacts, reducing pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions emerge as one of the…

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Jet engine and gas turbine

Modern jet engines are designed to be highly efficient while simultaneously limiting the amount of harmful emissions produced. Presently, there is a desire to develop new jet fuels which are…

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High-pressure propulsion

Rocket propulsion A flamelet-based combustion model is developed for the prediction of wall-heat transfer in rocket engines and confined combustion systems. To account for the impact of the flame due to convective…

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Transport models

Kinetics reduction An optimization procedure is used to reduce the individual species contributions to the cost function. A compromise is found between number of species in a methane-air mechanism and…

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Combustion noise and aeroacoustics

Engine core noise As demand for air travel continues to increase and more stringent regulations are passed, aircraft engine noise is an increasingly important problem, limiting traffic at existing airports…

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