Principal Investigator

Matthias Ihme

Associate Professor
Center for Turbulence Research

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Stanford University

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford, 2008

M.Sc. Computational Engineering, University of Erlangen, Germany, 2002

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mechanical Engineering, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany, 2000


Current Ph.D. Students

Name Information Research Interest
Eric ChingEric Jishuan Ching Education: BS, Cornell University, 2015. 


  • Discontinuous Galerkin methods
  • Hypersonic flow simulations
DanyalDanyal Mohaddes Khorassani Education: B.A.Sc. University of Toronto, 2016. 


  • Porous media combustion
  • Reacting flow diagnostics
Emeric Boigné Education: BS, Ecole Centrale Paris, 2014 – 2016. 


  • Porous Media Combustion
  • X-ray Computed Tomography
  • Reacting flow diagnostics
Filip Simeski Education: ScB, Engineering, Brown University, 2017. 


  • Multi-scale Modelling of Li / Air Batteries
  • Numerical Methods
Priyanka Muhunthan Education: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, June 2018. 


  • Combustion in Porous Media
  Steven Brill Education: BS, University of Notre Dame, 2016. 


  • Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
  • Reacting Flow Simulations
Jack Guo Education: BS, University of California, Berkeley, 2017. 


  • Li/Air Battery Multi-scale Modelling
  • Transcritical Flow Numerical Modelling
Wai Tong Education: MEng, Imperial College London, 2017. 


  • Supercritical flows
  • LES simulations of turbulent combustion
Nguyen Ly Education:  BS, Aeronautical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 


  • Supercritical flows
  • Flow instabilities
Shujia Liang Education:  BS Chemistry and BA Statistics, University of California at Berkeley, 2018. 


  • Transition state and excited state analysis
  • Reaction pathway determination, force field construction and material prediction
Matthew Bonanni Education:  BS, Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, 2019. 


  • Scientific computing with TPUs
  • Wildfire modeling
Brett Bornhoft Education:  M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University 2016. 

B.Sc., Middle Tennessee State University, 2014.


  • High-speed reacting flows
  • Multiphase flows
  • Discontinuous Galerkin methods

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Information Research Interest
Quentin Douasbin Education: Ph.D. at National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse. 

M. Sc of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Cranfield University.

M. Sc. of Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Applied Science (INSA) of Rouen.


  • Turbulent combustion modeling
  • LES of turbulent combustion
Changxiao Shao Education: Ph.D. Zhejiang University, 2017. 

B.E. Wuhan University, 2012


  • Level set method
  • Gas-liquid flows
  • Combustion noise

Rotation, Visiting and Undergraduate Students

Name Information Research Interest
Haiyue Li Education:  PhD Student in Fluid Mechanics, College of Engineering, Peking University, 2016-now. 

B.E in Aeronautic Engineering,School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beihang University (BUAA), 2012-2016.


  • Fundamental Combustion Theory
  • Combustion in Porous Media
  • Autoignition
  • Deflagration to Detonation
  • Flame-wall interaction
Rebeca Toro Garza Education:  BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Rochester, 2019. 


  • X-ray Computed Tomography


The first position after graduation is indicated.

  • Alireza Ostadhossein, Post-Doc 2019, Battery Cell Engineer at Rivian.
  • Sadaf Sobhani, PhD 2019, Post-Doc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
  • Dong Li, Post-Doc 2019.
  • Michael Dodd, Post-Doc 2019.
  • Qing Wang, PhD 2018, Software Engineer at Google.
  • Pavan Govindaraju, M. Sc. 2018.
  • Jeff Labahn, Post-Doc 2018, Simulation Development Engineer at Avametric.
  • Thomas Jaravel, Post-Doc 2018, Researcher at CERFACS.
  • Hao Wu, PhD 2018, Senior Software Engineering at Cruise Automation.
  • Peter Ma, PhD 2018, Software Engineer at Google.
  • Kevin Grogan, PhD 2017, Project Engineer at ATA Engineering.
  • Muralikrishna Raju, Post-Doc 2017.
  • Daniel Thomas Banuti, Post-Doc 2017, Senior Research Scientist at Cascade Technologies Inc.
  • Jared Dunnmon, PhD 2017, Post-Doc in Computer Science at Stanford University.
  • Jeffrey O’Brien, PhD 2017, Research Scientist at Cascade Technologies Inc.
  • Jeonglae Kim, Post-Doc 2017, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University School of Engineering of Matters Transport and Energy.
  • Luca Magri, Post-Doc 2016, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow at University of Cambridge.
  • Lucas Esclapez, Post-Doc 2016, Researcher at CERFACS.
  • Benedetta Giulia Franzelli, Post-Doc 2015, CNRS researcher at Laboratoire EM2C, École Centrale Paris.
  • Aymeric Vié, Post-Doc 2015, Assistant Professor at École Centrale Paris.
  • Mehdi B. Nik, Post-Doc 2015, Data Scientist at Omniscience.
  • Jean-Pierre Hickey, Post-Doc 2014, Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo.
  • Yu Lv, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University.
  • Yuntao Chen, PhD 2015, Combustion Technology Engineer at Siemens Power and Gas.
  • Yee Chee See, PhD 2014, Research Engineer at Convergent Science Inc.
  • Sean Torrez, co-advised PhD 2012, Principal Engineer at Physical Sciences Inc.
  • Emre Sozer, co-advised PhD 2009, Principal Engineer at Siemens.

Past visitors

  • Jili Wei, Tsinghua University (2019)
  • Nikolas Perakis, Technical University of Munich (2019)
  • Wenwen Xie, Tsinghua University (2019)
  • Zhilong Cheng, Xi’an Jiaotong University (2018)
  • Jackie Chan, Stanford University (2017)
  • Xinyi Huang, Tsinghua University (2017)
  • Alessandro Stagni, Politecnico di Milano (2015)
  • Michael Evans, University of Adelaide (2015)
  • Milan Pelletier, Ecole Centrale Paris (2014)
  • Franziska Hunger, TU Freiberg (2013)
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