About Us

INFORMS Stanford Chapter is always looking for talented students to volunteer as student officers.

Faculty Advisor

Professor Ross Shachter

Current Officers:


Ding Ma Ding is a third year PhD student in MS&E department, studying Operations Research. She loves the anonymous quote on the first floor Huang Engineering Center, "I am an engineer. I serve mankind by making dreams come true."
Chief Technology Officer
Tongda Zhang Tongda is currently a Ph.D candidate in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University with a focus of Human behavior understanding, data mining and machine learning. He graduated with the outstanding graduate award from Tsinghua University in 2011, and earned his Bachelor's degree of Automation. In 2012, he received his Master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.
Chief Financial Officer
Xi Chen Xi is the new Chief Financial Officer of INFORMS Stanford.
Chief Administrative Officer
Yuanyuan Shen Yuanyuan is currently a second year PhD student at Stanford Graduate School of Business, studying operations, information and technology.
Academic Relations Committee
Zijian Feng Zijian is the VP of Academic Relations. She is a first year MS student in MS&E department. She received her master degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Université de Technologie de Compiègne and Georgia Institute of Technology.
Xueqian Jiang Xueqian is the Academic Relation Chair. She is a second year EE PhD student. Her research interest is in machine learning.
Sze Suen Sze is the Research Chair. She is a PhD candidate in MS&E department. Her research interests are in developing mathematical models and methods for healthcare applications to help inform policy. She is currently working on modeling tuberculosis in India to predict how treatment and transmission are changing the source of drug resistant disease and to identify cost effective disease control policies. In her free time, she likes to swing dance and bake pies.
Professional Relation Team
Eric Liu Eric is the VP of Professional Relations and the Publicity Chair. His main responsibilities include developing and maintaining relationships with industry partners, as well as promoting collaboration with other active student organizations at Stanford. Eric’s current research interest includes developing data mining and modeling techniques in the fields of computational finance and bioinformatics.
John Hwang John is the VP of Professional Relations.
Zhijun Yang Zhijun is the Professional Relation Chair. He is a first year master student in the ICME department. He studies computational science and mathematical models, he also holds various interest in data science, finance and consulting. He graduated from UC Berkeley with high honor in Mathematics in 2014.

Past Officers:


Position Name
President Ruixue Guo
Financial Officer Burak Yavuz
Academic Affairs Team June Lee
Georg Schorpp
Sze Suen
Professional Affairs Team Ding Ma
Shailesh Tainwala
Yexiang Wei
Ben Zhu


Position Name
Co-Presidents Ruixue Guo
Gustavo Schwenkler (Assistant Professor, Boston University)
Financial Officer Chi Hung Chong (Entrepreneur Selection and Growth, Endeavor)
Secretary Mericcan Usta
Academic Affairs Team Shi Chen (Assistant Professor, University of Washington)
Sze Suen
Professional Affairs Team Saurabh Ladha
Soumya Mohan
Campus Affairs Team Ben Baldwin
Manvi Mahana
Webmaster Karan Verma (Software Engineer, HealthTap)


Position Name
Co-Presidents Joanne Chiew (Assistant Director, Ministry of National Development, Singapore)
Annie Kwon (Technical Program Manager, Amazon.com)
Financial Officer Clarissa Wong (Procurement Specialist, Schlumberger)
Secretary Min Seob Ko
Academic Affairs Team Ruixue Guo
Professional Affairs Team Gwendolyn English (Lieutenant, United States Coast Guard)
Gustavo Schwenkler (Assistant Professor, Boston University)
Campus Affairs Team Sparsh Mittal (Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company)
Chenguang Yang (Quantitative Analyst, Electronic Arts)
Webmaster Meghbartma Gautam (Product Manager, BancBox)