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July 17, 2006

Technology Update -- July 2006

Applications of Technology at IRISS

Social Web/Web 2.0 Technologies
    - Weblog Technology (Movable Type licensed by ITS)
       - time sorted posts entered through a web interface
       - syndicated feeds displayed in various locations such as web pages, mail applications
       - IRiSS weblog running 5 feeds to our website for updates and posts
       - internal MAPSS weblog for faculty

    - Wiki technologies
       - updates to web pages without the need for specialized software and skills
       - opportunities for research groups to develop an intranet where content developers publish directly to the web
          - Drupal for Fred Turner (Comm)
          - PmWiki for Mike Tomz (Poli Sci)
          - Drupal for Virtual-Summer Institute Political Psychology

Model for distance education/collaboration: Virtual-Summer Institute Political Psychology
    - running a virtual summer institute with 80 participants spread out over the globe
    - managed by two graduate students (one in NYC, one at Stanford) and one technologist
       - streaming audio/slideshow
       - synchronous chat (4 sections of 20 participants, broken up by region/time zone)
       - asynchronous discussion forum (threaded/orgranized)
       - asynchronous personal space and weblogs on external yet integrated wiki space

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July 05, 2006

New Graduate Fellowship Program

The Stanford Center for Research on Philanthropy and Civil Society seeks to increase and enhance research on philanthropy and civil society. We also seek to apply analyses of these activities and institutions to core research questions in the social sciences, as well as in the professional schools. To pursue these goals, the Center will offer PhD fellowships, support for undergraduates writing honor’s theses, faculty research support, and doctoral seminars. The Center is located administratively in the Institute for Research on the Social Sciences and physically in the Haas Center for Public Service.

Eligibility: Second year PhD students and beyond, pre-or post-dissertation proposal stage are eligible. Students will be expected to begin the year with a well-defined research project to carry out during their fellowship year. We welcome proposals from the humanities, social sciences, the sciences, and the professional schools.

Research Topics: The Center encourages applications from students studying the leading institutions and activities that are defining civil society, particularly the interaction between funding sources, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. Students may explore a range of themes dealing with comparative institutional analysis (the assessment of alternative arrangements - be they public, private, and nonprofit – for the provision of a service or good); the effects of different forms of financial support on the ability of nonprofit or nongovernmental organizations to effectively work with communities; and, as mentioned above, analyses of the lead institutions and processes that define and influence civil society. Possible topics might include, but are not limited to:

* The role of new media technologies in facilitating forms of civic participation in either the developed or developing world;
* The effects of intermediary organizations (consulting firms, advocacy groups, international donors) on both funders and nonprofit organizations;
* The effects of funder priorities on the activities and direction of nonprofit and public institutions, including schools, community agencies, and government services.

Funding and Expectations: The fellowship would provide up to a full year of support - - stipend and tuition, and health insurance - - for PhD students. In our inaugural year, we will award three fellowships. In future years, the number will increase.

All recipients will be required to participate in a year-long research workshop that meets on Friday afternoons (2-4:30) every other week throughout the school year. The seminar will be open to PhD students from all over campus, in addition to fellowship recipients, undergraduate seniors writing honor’s theses, faculty, and visiting scholars. Fellowship recipients will be expected to complete a writing project during their fellowship year and required to turn that work into scholarly articles for academic journals within two years of receipt of the fellowship. Students also will be encouraged to disseminate their research findings to non-scholarly audiences, particularly in the case of work with direct implications for social sector practice.

Application Process: The form below describes the process in detail. The deadline for application is August 1, 2006. Notification will be made on or before August 31, 2006.

Faculty Steering Committee of the Center:

* Steve Barley, Management Science and Engineering
* Larry Diamond, Freeman-Spogli Institute for International Studies and Hoover Institution
* Joanne Martin, Graduate School of Business
* Doug McAdam, Sociology and Urban Studies
* Debra Meyerson, School of Education and Graduate School of Business, co-director
* Milbrey McLaughlin, School of Education
* Leonard Ortolano, Civil and Environmental Engineering
* Walter W. Powell, School of Education, and (by courtesy) Sociology, Graduate School of Business, and Communication, co-director
* Rob Reich, Political Science and Ethics and Society
* Bruce Seivers, Haas Center for Public Service Visiting Scholar




A. Send: one original and one copy (no staples please.)
B. On each page of your application print or type your last name, first name and page number. (Each document should be numbered separately.) Place this information at least _ inch from the top and right margins.

Please arrange each copy of your application in this order:

1. Completed application form.
2. Curriculum vitae.
3. Up to 5-page description of research project.
4. Graduate school transcript.
5. Two letters of recommendation from faculty advisors. (Please ask your recommenders to put your name at the top of all pages.

Lauren Wechsler
Haas Center for Public Service
Stanford University
562 Salvatierra Walk
Stanford, CA 94305-8620


If possible, your complete fellowship application received at this office in a single mailing is appreciated. This cannot be an excuse for a late application.

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