Steve and Vicky

Who Are Dr. Steven & Victoria Long (Steve & Vicky): 


Happily married since 1977, they and their children enjoy working together to lovingly serve God and others. They have twin boys, Peter and John, born in 1996, and many people call them their spiritual parents in the LORD. God’s global family is awesome.


Educators who since 1992, have devoted their lives to the development of “the Champions Education Association in Taiwan, R.O.C. (CEA)”: providing life skills, leadership development, and service learning courses for countless thousands of junior high school through university students through the Champions Projects: trained volunteer led courses on-campus weekly during class time.

Pastors who since 1980, have served individuals and families bringing prayer, salvation, deliverance, healing, comfort, counseling, teaching, and empowering through the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus for the glory of God our Heavenly Father.

Missionaries who since 1974, have reached out with the Good News of God’s love to a wide variety of people groups and cultures in many different locations globally.


International Students Christian Outreach (ISCO), a campus ministry at Stanford University since 1974, invited us to take leadership positions in order to maintain and expand this ministry. So we returned from Asia to the USA in July of 2012, with the goals of taking the foundations of ISCO’s vision, mission and purpose and marrying them to the life skills, leadership, moral character and service learning educational focuses of CEA – with the aspiration of promoting a world-wide Christian movement combining educational social service learning and church planting.