The ISO mailing lists are intended to help Israelis at Stanford exchange information about Israel-related events and arrange for social activities. It is maintained by the ISO student staff and a member of the community, on a voluntary basis. Today, the general and marketplace lists consists of more than 1000 members from the entire Israeli community at the Bay Area.

List Structure

Three mailing lists were opened by the organization: ISO-general, ISO-marketplace, and ISO-students. The lists are separate, and you must be a member of each one in order to post to it.
While we are the administrators of the ISO Student list, we do not administer the other two, and therefore cannot add you to them. You need to subscribe to those two lists on your own.

  • ISO Student list. This list is intended for Stanford students and affiliates. It is used for everything that might be of interest to the Israeli community at Stanford, such as announcing campus activities, asking Stanford-related questions, and so forth. We encourage all Israelis at Stanford to join this list. To subscribe, visit the list web page and follow the instructions. Your request will need to be approved by the list administrator.
  • ISO Marketplace. This list is meant for posting and reading trade- and employment-related messages. By that we mean all messages about babysitters, yard sales, cars trade, housing, nannies, openings in companies, tickets, catering services, etc.
  • ISO General. This list covers by default, all areas not covered by the other two. It is OK to use this list, for example, to announce events, seek people with a common interest (e.g., Israelis playing soccer), ask questions (e.g., about calling cards or Israeli food) or to get recommendations. Please do not send political emails to the list (more about this below).


List rules vary by list, so be sure to read the rules for a list before posting. In general, follow the rules of ISO-general when on any list. Also, be sure you respect the list topics: for example, market stuff goes on ISO-marketplace, not on ISO-general.