The ISO warmly welcomes all new Israeli and non-Israeli students to our community. We aim to create a community to both ease the transition into Stanford as well as to remain connected to Israel's culture and traditions. To get involved with the ISO, we recommend you join our mailing lists to keep updated on upcoming events. Please follow the mailing lists link for more information. Also, check out our events page periodically for our many exciting events. Then, just show up! To get oriented in the community, follow some of our suggested links in the "Additional Links" section.

If you are a propspective student and seeking information about applying to Stanford please contact your desired departments directly. Contact information is generally available on each department's website. Additional information is available on the websites of the Admission Office, Financial Aid, and Prospective Students. Visitors' information is also available. If you have questions specifically related to applying from Israel or about the experience of Israelis here at Stanford, feel free to subscribe to the ISO mailing list (follow the "Mailing Lists" tab) and posting your question there. Looking forward to meeting you!