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Entrance to the Stanford Law School   
Picture of Stanford Law School

Meeting Details

Our three groups meet weekly during the academic year, with breaks during the major holidays. Some continue to meet during part or all of the summer quarter as well. Check the calendar for specific dates.

Table of Contents

Communication: Mailing Lists

Weekly meeting announcements (and occasionally other information) is distributed to our groups via email distribution lists. There's one for each group:

If you would like to receive announcements from one or more of these lists, you can subscribe via email (or tell Ray if you prefer). Just send email to majordomo@lists.stanford.edu with a command in the message body for each list to which you want to subscribe (not in the subject line: it's ignored). This example subscribes johndoe@stanford.edu to the campus group list:
    subscribe ivfaculty-campus johndoe@stanford.edu
You can also remove yourself from these lists the same way: but use the unsubscribe command instead. More details on using email lists at Stanford may be obtained from the campus listserver machine.

Note on Driving at Stanford

If you're not familiar with the Stanford campus, locating buildings and parking can be very confusing. One alternative to driving is the Stanford Marguerite Shuttle. It's free and has stops right next to the Faculty Club, the Medical Center, and SLAC. It also connects with CalTrain, the Menlo Park shuttle, and the city bus system. It can be very convenient!

Meeting Details & Directions for Each Group

    Old Union
Old Union

Campus Group

  • Location: Old Union, 3rd floot (aka THE CIRCLE) (upstairs, above the Axe & Palm Cafe). (map).
  • Time: Thursdays at noon, 12:00-1:00 P.M.
  • Plan (Fall 2008): Bible reading and group discussion of Philippians; prayer. Bring your lunch, or purchase it at the nearby Axe & Palm Cafe.

Parking: Visitor pay parking is available in the large visitor lot next to Tresidder Student Center (which is just west of Old Union). Pay parking is also available at meters on streets in the vicinity. A daily parking pass, good for one day in any "A" lot, may be purchased at Parking and Transportation Services, 340 Bonair Siding (map).

Pool and fountains at the Stanford Medical Center   
Picture of the pool and fountains in front of the Stanford Medical Center

Medical Center Group (the Theodore fellowship)

  • Location: Medical Center (map), Bing Dining Room
  • Time: (not presently meeting) Tuesdays, 7:00-8:00 A.M.
  • Plan: group discussion

Bing Dining Room Directions: The Bing Dining Room is on the third floor of the hospital. The Medical Center is between Sand Hill Road and Campus Drive West. There are parking structures on both sides.

Entering from Sand Hill Road: take Pasteur Drive toward the Medical Center main entrance. At the pool and fountains, turn left onto Blake Wilbur Drive. There is a parking structure with pay parking on the right (parking structure #3 on the map). After parking, enter via the main entrance, turn left, find the escalator. The Bing Dining Room is on the third floor.

Entering from Campus Drive West: there is a parking garage at Campus Drive West and Roth Way, right across the street from the Emergency Room (parking structure #1 on the map). Enter the hospital and find the escalator. The Bing Dining Room is on the third floor.

   Aerial photo of SLAC
Aerial photo of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

SLAC Group

  • Location: SLAC, Building 214  (map), Fuji Conference Room
  • Time: Thursdays, 12:00–1:00 P.M.
  • Plan: bring your own lunch; group discussion

Directions to the Fuji Room at SLAC:
The SLAC main entrance is at 2575 Sand Hill Road (map). Sand Hill connects with the El Camino Real at the Stanford Shopping Center about a mile east of the SLAC entrance. Sand Hill also connects with I-280 about half a mile west of the entrance. Take Sand Hill to the SLAC entrance. There is a guard shack a short distance up the driveway. You will need to stop there and they may ask to see a photo ID. You can also ask them for directions to building 214—they should give you a sitemap. Turn left immediately past the guard shack. You are on the Loop Road which circles the office buildings and laboratories outside the accelerator areas. Follow the Loop Road, go past a couple of parking lots and an office building on the right, and reach a stop sign. There is a building and some trailers on the left with a parking lot, and a parking lot and building on the right. Park anywhere around here. Building 214 is the middle trailer on the left (behind and between the two in front). Go up the steps past the front trailers, enter the doorway to the right, and the Fuji Conference Room is straight ahead, on the west end of the trailer.

Note on driving and parking at SLAC: SLAC and the Department of Energy take safety very seriously. The speed limit is 25 mph and the guards have radar. Parking is free, park anwhere you like unless it's a red zone or reserved for government vehicles or some such purpose. The good news is that parking at SLAC is much easier than on campus!

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