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Related Links

Here are some links to other websites of possible interest.

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Parachurch and Religious Organizations

At Stanford:


Christian Professional and Related Organizations

Christian Faculty & Staff Groups

Stanford Foothills: The Dish
Picture of the Dish (150-foot diameter radio telescope) in the Stanford Foothills

Humorous Sites

Churches We Attend

Online Bible and Other Resources


  • The Bible Gateway: an online Bible site and scripture search facility, with texts in many languages and versions.


  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Calvin College's online texts of many Christian works, from the Apostolic Fathers to Billy Graham. Some are in MP3 (audio) format: you can listen online!
  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project: not about the history of the Internet, but rather a collection of public domain historical texts from ancient, medieval, and modern periods at Fordham University.
  • Project Gutenberg: online texts of many books, from the classical Greek period to the present.
  • The Online Books Page at the University of Pennsylvania: another large collection of online electronic texts.




  • The Cyber Hymnal: thousands of hymns and Christian music in MIDI format, with lyrics and historical and biographical notes.

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