Small Groups

There are several great small groups going on this year. It's not too late! Check them out here.

Large Group Friday May 6th

What does it mean to be a Christian and a citizen? Associate Dean Dereca Blackmon speaks on how our identity in Christ affects our view of politics. Also dinner, worship, fellowship.

Women's Fellowship Tea Party, Apr. 30

Apr. 30, 12-3pm, Escondido Village Center. Open for all women, invite someone you know! sign up to RSVP.

Who We Are


We are Christians, graduate students, friends. Together, we are a community of believers seeking to follow God's calling in our faith and our work, and we welcome students and faculty on our campus to explore the Christian faith with us. We do this through a handful of whole-group meetings each quarter, weekly small groups focused on particular scriptures or topics, and a variety of casual events. As a community, we are seeking to live life at the intersection of our faith and academia.

Leadership Next Year

IVGrad is a student led fellowship. As the academic year is nearing its end, it is helpful to starting thinking about leadership for next year. Please give some thought and prayer as to how God is calling you to participate in and bless our fellowship.

Nominations for Steering are open now. You may nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission) by sending an email to Steering ( Nominations for steering will close around May 9th.

Mailing Lists

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