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Women's Fellowship this Friday!

At 7pm, a panel discussion on relationship matters relevant for graduate Christian women. More details

Who We Are


We are Christians, graduate students, friends. Together, we are a community of believers seeking to follow God's calling in our faith and our work, and we welcome students and faculty on our campus to explore the Christian faith with us. We do this through a handful of whole-group meetings each quarter, weekly small groups focused on particular scriptures or topics, and a variety of casual events. As a community, we are seeking to live life at the intersection of our faith and academia.

PBC "Beautiful Day Project"

PBC is organizing a service weekend April 25-26 at local elementary schools, called Beautiful Day Project. Last year a bunch of us went and it was a lot of fun. You don't have to attend the church or anything to join in - it's just a one time commitment to do some sprucing up of the school. Contact Caroline (cabadeer) for more details.

Urbana Conference

Urbana is Intervarsity's huge missions conference, which is held every three years. For graduate students there will be several seminars, who will get their own graduate lounge to hang out and meet other grad students who are interested in global missions. There are a number of interesting tracks, including leadership, business as mission, and a hackathon. There are also seminars for those interested in an academic career. Scholarships are available, but to access these you need to register early.

contact Wendy (wendy dot quay at gmail) if you're interested.

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