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IVGrad is a multi-ethnic and inter-denominational community of graduate students who want to know Jesus Christ. We seek to grow spiritually, cultivate true Christian community, integrate faith and learning, and dedicate ourselves to witness and service. In particular, we encourage thought and discussion about what it means to be a Christian in an academic setting. We are not just a group “for Christians” but also for those who have little or no Christian background. All are welcome to explore and discuss issues with us or simply participate in our social events.

Our Student Leaders

Katie (VP), Kat (President), and Jonathan (FO) are this year’s Steering Committee. We provide planning and support to help small group leaders, our large group meetings, retreats, and the many other activities at IVGrad happening all year long. If you have questions or suggestions, let us know! We’d love to help.
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Kat is a 3rd year PhD student in Earth System Science. This year she will be the president in IVGrad and hopes her hair won’t go gray as US presidents’ do. Kat is passionate about journeying with people in growing closer to God and is looking forward to grabbing coffees with people in IVGrad. She is involved with the IVGrad monthly gatherings for First Years and is excited to show them her favorite ice cream places. Kat is a Colorado native, but recently got CA license plates 🙁 In her leisure time, she enjoys eating (1 Cor. 10:31), looking at clouds, and walking on mountains.
KATIEVice-President (VP)
Katie is a 2nd year in Chemical & Systems Biology. Katie is mostly Texan (she’s from Austin) and is a member of Steering and involved with the IVgrad First Year gatherings and community building. Katie enjoys delving into scripture, supporting others through prayer and encouragement, learning about how the world works (hence graduate school), and figuring out new analogies for explaining her research. Katie also loves clouds and hiking on rainy days (yet here she is in California…), playing the cello, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, good barbecue, and as many puns/obscure TV references/dad jokes as possible.
JONATHANFinancial Officer (FO)
Jonathan (aka J-Lo) is a 2nd year studying Mathematics. Canadian, but born and raised in Tokyo to missionary parents. Passionate about sharing knowledge in all forms (teaching and learning, giving and receiving; tell him your stories!!). As a Steering member and as leader of the Mark study, longs to invest in communities that will grow together in faith and understanding. Love’s music: regularly plays violin, French horn, guitar, bass guitar, and voice, and has limited experience with oboe, bari sax, trombone, cello, piano, ocarina, nose flute, theremin, and others (also, math+music=he will not stop talking, so be warned). Also enjoys acting (check out his imdb page), wandering (in the real world, Wikipedia, or a good conversation), frolicking over rocky terrain, obsessing over tardigrades, and puns (if you know his last name, you would realize that the apostrophe is supposed to be there).
Roy is a 3nd year PhD student in Genetics. When he isn’t carving through mountain roads in his GTI or ripping his hair in frustration in front of a computer screen, Roy enjoys staring out of windows and dreaming about biology and the mysteries of life. Hailing from the island nation of Singapore, Roy currently leads the International Bible Study (IBS) small group, and enjoys discussing worldly issues over pizza and beer.
Joel is a 3rd year PhD student in Chemical Engineering. Joel is one of IVGrad’s resident bakers, and this year will be involved with leading IVGrad’s first year student community. He really enjoys bringing people together, getting to know others, learning about different people’s perspectives, and seeing how God works in others’ lives. He’s from the superb state of Iowa and is still searching for comparably delicious sweet corn and apple pie here, though California is definitely winning the wine game. Outside of research, you can find him nerding out and playing board and video games, experimenting with new cooking recipes, hiking, lighting things on fire, exploring different wines, and going on adventures off-campus.
Andrew is a 4th year PhD student in Aeronautics and Astronautics who remembers when he was a 1st year and thought 4th years were old. He is an enigma full of contradictions, programming spacecraft that he never wants to fly on (haven’t you seen The Martian? and Gravity?) – a drummer who hides his gifts from the rest of the apartment complex by playing on an electric drum set with earbuds – a so-called photographer who procrastinates on editing/posting photos to FB until they’re older than last year’s memes. An SF Bay Area native, Andrew loves chatting Christian philosophy, apologetics, and history, and this year he is president of the Veritas@Stanford student org, as well as one of the org’s liaisons to IV Grad.
Steven is a final-year PhD student, studying Electrical Engineering. He was IVGrad president long, long ago, and now hangs around to serve the fellowship in any way he can. As a native of New Hampshire, he believes that what the Bay Area really lacks is four proper seasons and a lot of snow. When he’s not at school, he’s either building LEGO robots with middle school students, riding his bicycle, or hiking in the mountains with his wife.
Andreas is a 5th year PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering but somehow got lost in Applied Math. He was born and raised in Germany and likes hiking (type 2 fun), playing guitar, reading books written by smart British people, political/theological/scientific.. debates, and he secretly likes doing research. This year he’s a co-leader in the International Bible Study (IBS) and the Veritas@Stanford student org.
Marcus is a 2nd year Master’s student in EE, concentrating in signal processing and robotics. He spent time in Penang and Philadelphia before this, and enjoyed taking in the history, culture and food of each city. Now amidst the abundance of the Silicon Valley, he feels challenged to see the hidden needs of his fellow students and residents of the Bay Area. He hopes to lead and learn from others in this area in the Loving Justice small group. Oh, and he likes cooking fusion dishes, such as green curry spaghetti.
Daphne is a 2nd and final year Master’s student in Civil Engineering studying geomechanics. Geomechanics is the study of the behavior of soil and rocks through mathematical modeling. Do not ask Daphne how she came to choose this particular field. She hails from Kampala, Uganda, a hilly and packed-together city which San Francisco somewhat reminds her of. She loves experimenting with new recipes, playing with data, learning, watching movies, earl grey ginger tea, long, quiet walks, and long bike rides. Daphne loves to relate with and prayerfully support others within the context of Christian community.
Esmond is a 2nd year PhD student in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. He enjoys learning about how intricately the human body is knit together in its form and function, and hopes to use gene editing in stem cells as a restorative tool for those suffering from genetic diseases. He grew up in the sunny island of Singapore and went to college in London where he explored and challenged the christianity he grew up with (please ask, happy to chat :), coming out of it with a stronger conviction of its claims. Esmond enjoys cookouts with friends, exploring the outdoors, and hanging out at the AOERC bouldering wall (come join!). He hopes to be part of a community in IVgrad that feels like a home away from home.
Jiwon is a 2nd year PhD student in Political Science. She was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Although she grew up going to church, it was after coming to the U.S. for college and meeting a loving Christian community that she started to ask who God really is and what it means to follow Jesus and love others. She loves travelling and and meeting people from different cultures and background. Especially the experiences she had in Israel and Myanmar motivated her to study political science. As she loves chatting about Christianity, different worldviews, and just life in general, she is happy to engage with anyone who are interested in or curious about Christianity. She also would love to be a tour guide for anyone who visits Seoul. She loves froyo, gummy bears, and Korean soft tofu soup 🙂

Our Commitments

Spiritual Formation


Evangelism & Service

Integration of Faith, Learning & Practice

What does IVGrad believe?  We come from many backgrounds and have varying beliefs on many topics. We gather together not because we agree on a set of doctrinal statements, but because we are a group of graduate students attempting to seek and know God during our time at Stanford. Everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of their beliefs.  IVGrad can be roughly categorized as “evangelical protestant”. The InterVarsity doctrinal statement below is a good summary of our group average: not everyone subscribes to every point, but it sketches with broad strokes where most of us are coming from.

We believe in:

The only true God, the almighty Creator of all things,
existing eternally in three persons–
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–full of love and glory.

The unique divine inspiration,
entire trustworthiness
and authority of the Bible.

The value and dignity of all people:
created in God’s image to live in love and holiness,
but alienated from God and each other
because of our sin and guilt,
and justly subject to God’s wrath.

Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine,
who lived as a perfect example,
who assumed the judgment due sinners
by dying in our place,
and who was bodily raised from the dead and ascended as Savior and Lord.

Justification by God’s grace to all who repent
and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

The indwelling presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit,
who gives to all believers a new life and a new calling to obedient service.

The unity of all believers in Jesus Christ,
manifest in worshiping and witnessing churches
making disciples throughout the world.

The victorious reign and future personal return of Jesus Christ,
who will judge all people with justice and mercy,
giving over the unrepentant to eternal condemnation
but receiving the redeemed into eternal life.

To God be glory forever.

InterVarsity/USA Doctrinal Statement

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