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Check back here for welcome events and other activities for this September and October as we kick off the new academic year.  You can subscribe to this Google calendar: just click the + icon at the bottom right corner and follow the prompts.


Large Group, 5/4 at 7 p.m., Old Union Common Rm

“Reflections of a Christian Academic”

Dr. Audrey Bowden, Professor of Electrical Engineering here at Stanford, will reflect on her journey as a Christian academic, followed by a Q&A session. Join us and don’t forget to invite your friends–we’re so excited to hear from one of our own professors about faith and work!

You can submit questions for the Q&A in advance here

Save the Date – End of Year Banquet will be May 31

(stay tuned for updates on time/location, but there will be food, worship, reflections on the year, and sharing from graduating students)


Final Large Group of the quarter, Fri. March 23, 7 p.m. at Lake Lagunita

Developing a Christian Mind DaySat., April 14, Old Union Common Rm.

The Oxford Developing a Christian Mind Conferences are held at Oxford every year for Christian graduate students. The purpose of the conferences is to give grad students the opportunity to grow in understanding of Christian doctrine, and to then have space to process how our faith should properly inform how we think about our disciplines.

On April 14 (Saturday), we will take the day to listen to and discuss video lectures from the Christianity and the Life of the Mind Conference. Our staff, Wendy Quay and Mayo Adigun will facilitate.

We will begin with coffee and pastries at 9 a.m. and finish with dinner, with a $10 suggested donation to go towards food.

If you are considering attending, please indicate your interest via this RSVP form!

Community Town Hall Banner

Stick around after Large Group Apr 6 to discuss where IVgrad is heading as a community. Share your ideas, eat desserts with friends, and learn about needs our community has and possibilities for serving in IVgrad.

Whether you already have lots of ideas or haven’t thought at all about it, come to the community town hall! There will be activities to warm up our brainstorming and space for everyone’s voice and ideas. Let Steering know if you have any questions 🙂

Final Large Group of the quarter, Fri. March 23, 7 p.m. at Lake Lagunita

Join us for a campfire 🔥 around Lake Lag, with lots of worship, interspersed testimonies/life sharing from fellow
IVgrad-ers, and, of course, 

Some of our IVfriends are graduating, so stop by to give them a fond farewell 🙂

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Large group (feat. our very own Wendy Quay!): Singing the Song of the Lord in a Strange Land

How we see and understand the world is informed by our cultural lenses and, as grad students, we are largely shaped by the culture of the modern university. In this large group, we’ll do an overview of the history of Western thought and, in particular, how it has shaped the modern university and its relationship with Christianity.

24/7 Week of Prayer

Join multiple Christian fellowships (both undergrad and grad) for Stanford’s annual week of prayer, ending in an all-campus worship night altogether at Memorial Church. The goal is to fill every hour (all 168!) of the week with prayer across campus.
Vision for the week of prayer (generally): Pray for fellow believers (both here and across the world) to witness and live according to God’s calling, for nonbelievers to come to Christ, and for God’s will to be done in our lives (including campus) and around us.
Sign up here for prayer slots just for yourself, with a friend, or with your small group (!  Early birds and night owls can choose their time slots accordingly

Veritas Winter Community Dinner

Friday, February 16, 6-8pm, GSB Room E104

Veritas@Stanford is hosting a dinner open to the community on Friday night! Aspects of the dinner will include:

1) Building community connections as students representing different campus fellowships tell us about their fellowship’s identity and upcoming open-invitation events

2) Previews for upcoming Veritas events/opportunities for involvement

3) Reflection together on student leadership development and ideas for our shared community in the future.

Featured in the dinner will be a Q&A with a special guest, Ashley Byrd, Veritas Forum Regional Director for New York and New Jersey. We’re very excited to hear his thoughts and stories on student leadership development and pursuing effective and inviting campus communities of faith!

RSVP on FB here:

Contact Andrew Bylard (bylard at stanford) for more information

Large Group this Friday (2/9) at 7 p.m. in the Old Union CIRCLE Common Room!

Explore the theme of purpose with Jeffery Glick (pastor of Greater Life Church and Senior Director of West Coast Sales at Kinestral Tech, a smart-tinting glass company). He is also an LEED Accredited Professional, specializing in Building Design and Construction.

In our life and work, what is purpose? Pastor Glick will share his perspective, notably spanning professional and ministry realms– from farming in the Midwest to planting a church in the Bay Area, and now to launching new tech products to architects, engineers, developers, and C-Suite executives. How does Jesus and the gospel shape our purpose? Join us for this conversation as we continue to reflect on the integration of our work and faith.

Winter Conference

Christian Community: Agents of Shalom

Feb 2-4 (Friday evening through Sunday early p.m.)

Where: Redwood Glen (in Santa Cruz, same as Fall Retreat–spoiler: it’s very beautiful!)

What: With visiting speaker Dr. Robert Romero (more about his studies as an Associate Professor at UCLA in Chicana/o Studies here), we will be exploring God’s purpose for Christian community.

Our fellow graduate students from Berkeley,  UC Santa Cruz, and UC Davis will also be there, so don’t miss this opportunity to connect and build new friendships!

Retreat registration is open, use this link to sign up now, or by 1/19! There will be down time during the conference for studies as well 🙂

Let Wendy know if you’d like to donate a little extra to help provide scholarships for other IVgrad-ers. Also, if you are interested in giving a Passion Talk at Winter Conference, contact Steering (me, Kat, or Jonathan).

Join us for the first large group of the quarter next Friday at 7 p.m. in the Old Union CIRCLE Common Room.

Guest speaker Kate Vosburg, M.A. (an InterVarsity campus minister at the Claremont Colleges) will be joining us to talk about science and faith and how we can initiate these discussions with our peers in grad school.

Join us for our kick-off Large Group for the 2017-18 academic year on Friday, October 6th from 7-8:30pm in the Old Union CIRCLE Common Room (Room 302).  Hear three current grad students share their thoughts on finding purpose and focus in their journeys through graduate school.  All secrets to success will be revealed, so you won’t want to miss it!   We’ll hang out afterward at the nearby Treehouse (Tressider Student Union) food, drinks, and conversation.

We invite all new and returning students to join us at our annual Welcome Banquet on Wednesday, September 27th at 6.30pm.  Join us for a great meal (BBQ!) and a chance to learn more about the IVGrad community.  Bring friends!  The Tressider Oak Room West is on the 2nd Floor of the Tressider Student Union building (above Starbucks, Panda Express, etc.)

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