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Check back here for welcome events and other activities for this September and October as we kick off the new academic year.  You can subscribe to this Google calendar: just click the + icon at the bottom right corner and follow the prompts.


Advent Large Group:  Waiting

What is the significance of Jesus’s arrival and why are we waiting for Him to return again?
Join us this Friday for our Advent service (Friday, Dec 1st, 7 p.m., 3rd fl. Old Union), featuring musical worship, scripture readings, and a homily by Dr. Tim Tseng (Pacific Area Director for InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministries) reflecting on these questions, especially in light of our focus this Fall Quarter on discerning purpose and having an attitude of expectation for God’s presence in grad school.
Invite your friends and, in the meantime, enjoy our Advent playlist (courtesy of Esmond!) to get ready for Friday.
After the Advent Service, all are welcome to follow us over to the Old Union Common Room for our annual Christmas party with a White Elephant gift exchange.
  • Please bring a wrapped gift to exchange (spend no more than $5). Funny and creative gifts are always welcome–Nicholas  Cage pillow cases (!), cardboard cutouts, and chocolate/goodies have been popular items in the past 😀
  • You can also bring a spare gift so that any friends who forget theirs can still participate. If you’re unfamiliar with it, there’s some info/guidelines on White Elephant gift exchanges here.
  • Bring any snacks/desserts/favorite Christmas treats to share, if you are up for it!
  *Apparently we IVgrad-ers are fancy, so dress festively in your holiday finest!*


Ever wonder where God is in your work?

Come find out by learning how to write your own Passion Talk! Reflect on how God is working through your studies and put it all together into a passion talk!

IVGrad Alumnus Elliot Slaughter will also speak on his own experiences at Stanford and on writing a passion talk!

See how God is working through you during your time at Stanford!

Come at 6:45 Snacks

Session starts at 7

Stay afterwards for Happy Hour at Tree House!

Elliott Slaughter is a staff scientist in the Computer Science Research Department at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Previously he obtained his PhD at Stanford University under the advisorship of Alex Aiken. His research interests include programming languages, compilers, distributed and parallel computing, and high-performance computing.



In the Bible, the person at the watch stands in the watchtower looking out for signs of the times – coming danger, or coming good news. The prophets stood watch looking and listening out for God’s word to his people. What does it mean to be a people looking and listening out for what God wants us to see and hear at Stanford? What does it mean to be a people who are attentive to God’s word, and how might that affect how we do life in grad school?

Rev. Dr. Alice R. Brown-Collins, Ph.D. is the Associate Regional Director of Graduate and Faculty Ministries (GFM), Northeast, and the area director for InterVarsity’s Black Scholars and Professionals (BSAP). She has a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder in social psychology and has held positions as assistant professor at Brown University (Black Studies) and Wellesley College (Africana Studies), as well as adjunct professor at Brandeis University. She is also an ordained minister and is co-pastor at New Hope Christian Ministries, Framingham, MA, with her husband, Rev. Boris Collins.

A lecturer, teacher, and preacher, Rev. Dr. Brown-Collins has conducted numerous seminars and workshops on missions, evangelism, discipleship, college ministries, prayer, multiethnicity, race relations, and women as well as participated in the Veritas Forum at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She also has global missions experience in Ghana; Guyana, South America; Kenya; and Australia as well as urban missions in Springfield, MA.

Rev. Dr. ABC loves the Lord! She is the spouse of Rev. Boris E. Collins and they have two children; Jamal and Kateri, a daughter-in-law, Marisha and a grandson, Shamar.

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Questions about registration or missed the deadline?  Contact our registrar, Jiaming.

What is success?

with Francis Su

IVGrad Large Group, Friday Oct 20th

6.45pm for snacks, 7pm start

Old Union Common Room, 3rd Floor

Where is this?

Can we redefine success for ourselves in graduate school? Dr. Su will share by contrasting the things he worried about as a grad student embarking on his journey (e.g. success, making a name for himself) with how much those things mean to him now and why. What is true success? How does success connect to a person’s identity if they are Christian? All are welcome to attend.

Francis Su is a Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and past president of the Mathematical Association of America. He received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He has co-authored numerous papers with undergraduates. He also has a passion for teaching and popularizing mathematics. From the Mathematical Association of America, he received the 2001 Hasse Prize for expository writing, and the 2004 Alder Award and the 2013 Haimo Award for distinguished teaching. He authors the popular Math Fun Facts website and is creator of “MathFeed,” the math news app. His hobbies include songwriting, gardening, photography, and theology. Just like mathematics, these are modes of creative expression that blend structure and freedom, truth and beauty, reflection and action.

Event Flyer

Join us for our kick-off Large Group for the 2017-18 academic year on Friday, October 6th from 7-8:30pm in the Old Union CIRCLE Common Room (Room 302).  Hear three current grad students share their thoughts on finding purpose and focus in their journeys through graduate school.  All secrets to success will be revealed, so you won’t want to miss it!   We’ll hang out afterward at the nearby Treehouse (Tressider Student Union) food, drinks, and conversation.

We invite all new and returning students to join us at our annual Welcome Banquet on Wednesday, September 27th at 6.30pm.  Join us for a great meal (BBQ!) and a chance to learn more about the IVGrad community.  Bring friends!  The Tressider Oak Room West is on the 2nd Floor of the Tressider Student Union building (above Starbucks, Panda Express, etc.)

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