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  1. Janelle Austin #

    I am a graduate student from Los Angeles CA who likes to get get down in her free time. I am inquiring of the following:

    Are you holding auditions for the 2009-2010 school year?

    What are the member’s responsibilities?

    Please include any pertinent information in your reply.


    Janelle Austin

  2. admin #

    Please check the front page & the calendar for updates on auditions! As of now auditions will be Friday, September 25th and Saturday September 26th. Members should to report to practice twice a week, usually Friday evenings from 6-8 and Saturday morning from 10-12, and perform in shows each quarter, namely Hip Hop Extrav in the fall and the spring show.

  3. Ximena Ampuero #

    What are the auditions like? Will we learn a routine or do we need to bring our own?

  4. admin #

    Auditions will include JP choreography, and we would also like to see how you freestyle. Your own choreography is not necessary.

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