is a jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance ensemble of Stanford students founded in 1991 by uanita Brown, llison Williams, agili Chapman, arijat Desai, shanti Trent, heryl Clark, and onna Esparut. The first initials of the women’s first names yielded the name of the group. Before Jam Pac’d there was no outlet for Black urban and jazz dance at Stanford. Jam Pac’d was determined to fill this void on campus and premiered its first piece, “Piece, No Peace,” at the May 1992 Spring Migration. This performance rocketed Jam Pac’d into the dance scene at Stanford and in the Bay Area.

Since 1991, Jam Pac’d has expanded from seven members to over twenty. Despite this expansion the group retains its ties with the Black community in which it was developed. Jam Pac’d holds auditions each fall and performs throughout the year at events on and off-campus. The ensemble strives to contribute to those communities surrounding Stanford, providing not only entertainment, but also positive role models. In the past, Jam Pac’d has performed at local schools, community carnivals, Black Liberation Month events, charity events, fashion shows, and even Stanford and NBA Golden State Warrior basketball game halftimes. Each performance builds anticipation for the Spring Show, which is self produced annually at the end of each year.

Jam Pac’d is not only a dance group, but an expression of cultural and ethnic harmony, and the multiculturalism upon which Stanford prides itself. Jam Pac’d has continued to set the standard for urban dance at Stanford and will only become stronger and better as the years go on.

Backstage @ Kresge Auditorium with JAM PAC’D, 2006

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