Business Archaeology

Business Archaeology is a transdisciplinary field focused on human experience, past and present, in and through artifacts. It aims to research how individuals, communities, organizations, are entangled in history and memory, and to translate findings for the world of Business and Management. Business Archaeology provides windows on the future based on retrospective, tangible experience.

Business Archaeology expands human-centered Design Thinking by taking more into account the historical roots and evolution of people’s cultural values, the way a business or community is grounded in memories and histories, the way the past successes and failures of a corporation, community or organization can condition its capacity to adapt to opportunities and challenges.

Business Archaeology offers a suite of tools and methods for exploring the past with a view to diagnosing and adapting one’s organizational culture, becoming flexible and resilient, preparing for potentially disruptive innovation aligned with re-designing corporate strategy.

The key mindset involves the activation of deep corporate experience, business history and corporate narratives in dealing with the complexity of corporate culture, and with the objective of developing and enhancing capacity and competencies for flexible, creative adaptation and innovation.