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The following documents are intended for members of the Stanford Jujitsu Club but have been made available to the public. These documents and their content within may be copied provided credit is given to the Stanford Jujitsu Club. Files ending in .ps.gz are gzip'ed postscript files. Files ending in .pdf are in the Adobe Acrobat format and should be directly viewable by your browser.

Yellow Belt
Green Belt
Blue Belt
Purple Belt
Brown Belt
Black Belt
Nage and Osoto Gari

Charts listing all requirements for yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and 1st degree black belts as well as Nage Waza and Osoto Gari. Updated 22 Mar 2016. 1 page each.

White Belt Handout
White Belt Handout (PDF)

A handout for new students (white belts) explaining the Club's dynamics and structure. Written by Jonathan Dirrenberger. Updated 3 Oct 2014. 11 pages.

waiver-student.pdf (20 Kb)
waiver-non-student.pdf (11 Kb)

Everyone participating in the Stanford Jujitsu Club must complete and sign this waiver. Note that there is a different waiver for Stanford students (undergrad and grad) and all other members. Those interested in joining the Club should print out the appropriate waiver, read through it, complete and sign it, and bring it to their first class. Copies are usually available in class as well. Updated 9/30/07. 1 page each.

Karate Basics
karate stances.pdf (81 Kb)
karate strikes.pdf (207 Kb)

Overview of the basic karate techniques used in the Club. These documents cover all strikes and stances listed on the Applied Karate 1 chart required for green belt. Kicks and blocks will be forthcoming. Created by Jonathan Dirrenberger. Updated 4/19/06. 1 page (stances) and 5 pages (strikes).

Judging Guidelines for Belt Promotion Exams
judging guidelines - rev 1.pdf (171 Kb)

Guidelines which govern belt promotion exams in the Stanford Jujitsu Club. Created by Jonathan Dirrenberger. Rev 1 (updated 1 Jul 2014). 2 pages.

Intro to Martial Arts (Athletic 86) Jujitsu Syllabus, 2007
intro syllabus 07-student.pdf (147 Kb)
intro syllabus 07-instructor.pdf (167 Kb)

Syllabus for the 3 weeks during which the Jujitsu Club runs Stanford's "Introduction to Martial Arts" class (Athletic 86). Includes a brief overview of jujitsu, the Club, and some of our basic techniques. Both the student version and the instructor version are available. Written by Jonathan Dirrenberger. 2 pages (student version) and 6 pages (instructor version).

Advertising Flyers
flyer-fall10.png (1684 Kb)
flyer-fall10.jpg (157 Kb)
flyer-scared.pdf (8 kb)
flyer-bored.pdf (8 kb)
flyer-studybreak.pdf (8 kb)

Advertising flyers. The Club's main flyer for the most recent quarter (Fall '10) is available in both png or jpg formats. The other flyers are available in pdf format only. The main flyer was created by Jonathan Dirrenberger and the others were created by Susan Martindill. Updated 9/10/10. 1 page each.

Complete Curriculum
jujitsu.ps.gz (112 Kb) or jujitsu.pdf (4.6 Mb)

A long document which includes our complete curriculum as well as a glossary, class history, and other material. Outdated, but still useful. Written by Don Geddis. 52 pages.

Ukemi Curriculum Proposal
ukemi.ps.gz (83 Kb) or ukemi.pdf (7.7 Mb)

A long and thoughtful proposal for the Club's falling curriculum. Contains much of interest to both students and teachers. Many of these changes were implemented in the new versions of our charts. Written by Roger Avedon. 38 pages.

Ukemi Concept Map
brkfall.ps.gz (5.7 Kb) or brkfall.pdf (141 Kb)

A ukemi concept map, meant to accompany the above ukemi curriculum proposal. Written by Roger Avedon. 1 page.

Vital Points
VPNotes.pdf (67 Kb)

Danny Abramovitch's notes from a 1994 seminar on vital point techniques. 7 pages.

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