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Zen Budokai Leadership Succession

The following article was written by Duke Moore, the founder of Zen Budokai, in March 1996. It has been slightly edited.

It is my wish and desire that Professor Tim Delgman be the succeeding head of my organization, The Zen Budokai. His succession will take place upon my death, which I hope is not for a long time. However, I must prepare now for such a thing. I want all Zen Budokai members to know ahead of time of my plans, and that I have complete confidence and faith in Tim leading the organization.

Tim's skills are masterfully present, and so I know that by him the quality and integrity of the Zen Budokai will remain intact. Tim is also a very caring, compassionate person who is full of humility, but yet confident and sharp. Tim is not a dictator type of person; he always seeks out advice from his peers and councils such as Dr. James A. Moses, Jr., 7th Dan, and Professor Jerry Kunzman, 7th Dan. He has been with me for many, many years and has always been faithful and loyal. Tim has not been with me the longest, but in my opinion is the best skilled, and has the best leadership qualities, as well as being the best person to carry out the interests of the Zen Budokai.

I have thought about the succession of the Zen Budokai quite a bit and have felt that for it to continue successfully, it must be done early. Organization failures are repeatedly seen because of founding fathers who have not prepared for things to occur past themselves. Maybe they were not concerned, or left too much to the organizational body. I do not want this same mistake to happen to me. More and more I come to the realization that I am not as young as I used to be, but that's only in body; my heart and spirit is still that of a twenty-year old.

I want all Zen Budokai members to join with me in suporting Tim in leading the organization. It will be my final wish to all members. If you believe in what I have done, and in my leadership, then you should not hesitate to follow through on this. Please send me a letter of support and confirmation on the organizational decision. My address is:

Master Professor Duke Moore
8545 Folson Blvd. #24
Sacramento, CA 95826

My best regards for success and happiness in your lives.


Raymond Duke Moore

Master Professor Duke Moore
10th Degree Black Belt

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