11/13/17 Welcome our newest post-doc Dr. Qi Liu to our lab! He will be helping Amita on Broad Spectrum Antivirals.

9/18/17 Welcome our newest post-doc Dr. Aleksandra Nivina to our lab! She will be working on the PKS side.

7/12/17 Congratulations to the new Dr. Matt Ostrowski for his successful thesis defense!

6/5/17 The lab bids farewell to Yu-Chen, best of luck in your future endeavors!

5/30/17 Congratulations to our newest Ph.D. candidate Kevin for passing his Qualifying Exam in Chemistry!

4/28/17 Check out Ayse’s review in the Current Opinion in Biotechnology here.

4/28/17 Arif’s work is published in ACS Chemical Biology here.

4/12/17 Check out our collaboration with the Stanford Genome Center in the Journal of Antibiotics here.

4/7/17 Our collaboration with the University of Chicago is published in Science here thanks to Brad’s hard work!

4/4/17 Congratulations to Tom for passing his Qualifying Exam! We welcome our newest Ph.D. candidate and look forward to your great work.

2/6/17 Chaitan wrote a new perspectives article on Celiac Disease here!

2/3/17 Check out Nick’s thesis project in JBC here!

1/9/17 Welcome Dr. Abrahim El Gamal to our lab! He will be working on the antiviral project of the lab.

12/7/16 Congratulations to Dr. Nick Plugis on defending his thesis on the role of Thioredoxin in Celiac Disease!

12/2/16 The lab bids farewell to Ayse and wishes her the best of luck at Gilead!

11/5/16 Check out Brad Palanski’s latest paper on TG2 here!

11/2/16 Check out Andrew Hilmer’s latest paper on cholestyramine here!

9/24/16 Congratulations to Amita, Arek, and Ray for passing their Chemical Engineering Qualifying Exam. Here’s an official welcome to the second year in the program!

9/17/16 Check out James Kuo’s latest paper on orphan polyketide synthases here!

8/17/16 Check out Dr. Robbins and Josh’s paper on conserved active site residues for PKS here!

7/29/16 Congratulations Dr. Tom Robbins for his thesis defense on mechanistic studies of PKS!

7/25/16 Welcome Dr. Kai Yuet to the lab! He will continue working on James’ project on orphan polyketides.

6/30/16 Congratulations to Arek for winning the BioX Fellowship!

6/15/16 Today is Xirui’s last day in lab. We wish you all the best!

6/12/16 Congratulations to our wonderful undergrad James for his graduation!

6/5/16 Check out Tom Robbins’ and Yu-Chen’s new review in Current Opinion in Structural Biology here!

5/31/16 Congratulations Maja for her newest paper in JBC! Check it out here!

5/24/16 Congratulations Dr. James Kuo for his thesis defense on orphan polyketides!

4/28/16 Check out Matt’s latest paper in the Journal of Antibiotics here!

4/21/16 Welcome Kevin Erazo (Chemistry) to the lab! He will work with Ted on PKS.

4/21/16 Today is Richard’s last day in lab. Best of luck in the future!

4/11/16 Welcome Amita Gupta (Chemical Engineering) to the lab! She will work closely with Ayse on a drug target identification project.

3/28/16 The Stanford News wrote an excellent article about Richard’s paper!

3/28/16 Check out Richard’s latest paper in Nature Chemical Biology here!

3/25/16 Today is Anwesha’s and Jessica’s last day in lab. We wish you the best in your future endeavors!

3/18/16 Congratulations Dr. Xirui Xiao on defending her thesis!

3/7/16 Today is Andrew’s last day in lab. Best of luck at your new company!

3/1/16 Welcome Tom Privalsky (Chemistry) to the lab! He will work on discovering new biosynthetic clusters.

3/1/16 Welcome Ray Zhuang (Chemical Engineering) to the lab! He will be joining the Celiac team.