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Graduate Students
Poliovirus drug resistance
Host genetics of Persistence
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Elizabeth Tanner
Dominant Mutants of the Poliovirus Polymerase
Postdoctoral Fellows
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Eric Freundt, Ph.D.
Neurovirulance of Theiler's Virus
Dominant drug targets in dengue virus
Jen's Image
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Poliovirus Replication
Poliovirus Spread
Research Associates
Dominant drug targets in HCV
Life Science Technicians
Shyamali Roy, Ph.D.
Theiler's virus
Consulting Professor
Theiler's virus
Administrative Assistant

Past Laboratory Members
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Postdoctoral Fellows
Scott Crowder, Ph.D. - currently at Rigel
Bill Jackson, Ph.D. - currently at Medical College of Wisconsin
Kouacou Konan, Ph.D. - currently at Pennsylvania State University
Julie Pfeiffer, Ph.D. - currently at University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center
Kathy Richmond, Ph.D. - currently at <<>>
Elizabeth Stillman, Ph.D. - currently at MedImmune, Inc.
Rob Striker, M.D., Ph.D. - currently at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Graduate Students
Joanna Boerner
Sunny Choe
Dana Dodd
Joma Jenkins
Mitchell R. Lunn
John Lyle
Matthew Taylor
Trever Burgon

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