The Kennedy Kosher Coop (KKC) at Stanford University seeks to provide a strictly kosher dining facility on campus. The KKC is a place for all people -- regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or level of observance -- to gather and work together to create an atmosphere of community and learning.

The Cop is a democracy. All members have equal say. The manager will set reasonable policies for all matters except kashrut and religious observance, but can be overruled by a simple majority of all members of the Cop.

The Cop adheres to a strict Kashrut standard. In matters of shopping and food preparation for the KKC, members of the Cop are required to observe orthodox Jewish kashrut guidelines, as stipulated in the Kennedy Kosher Cop Kashrut Policy booklet.

Meals are served Monday at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., Friday at 8:15 p.m., and Saturday at 12:30 p.m. Shabbat dinners at the KKC are more elaborate than the others, usually include meat, and are often followed by zemirot (songs) after the meal. When Hillel serves dinner on Friday night, the Cop does not, but members of the Cop are covered by the KKC meal plan for these Hillel dinners. Meals are not served during University holiday periods unless there is interest.

The Cop is a co-operative. Each member is expected to do his or her fair share of work, including cooking, cleaning, and shopping a proportionate amount of time to the number of members in the Cop. Each member is responsible for cleaning up after themselves after meals. , Monday and Wednesday dinners are usually prepared by two members working together; Friday night, three members; and Saturday lunch, one member.

The Cop offers an open kitchen. Given that meals are not served all the time, the KKC makes an effort to make kosher food is available to members at all times. Therefore, any Cop member is free to eat at the Cop at any time. Entry to the premises is by the members' individual key.

The Cop is a non-profit organization. Any money not spent in a given quarter is rebated, proportionally by amount paid, to members who do their share of cooking and cleaning.

The Cop welcomes guests. If a member wants to bring a guest, call or email the president, leave a note on the whiteboard, or call the
Cop at 30-KKC (650-497-0552). This is to ensure that a reasonable amount of food is prepared. Please do the same if one knows that he/she will be missing a meal.

During the 1999-2000 school year, fifteen full-time members ate at the KKC on weekdays and Shabbat. An average of forty people celebrated Shabbat at the KKC on Friday nights. Saturday lunches are often eaten outside on the fully-enclosed deck, overlooking the Lake, the Stanford foothills, and the Santa Cruz mountains. The KKC members own a raft that they frequently use on Lake Lagunita, which during springtime can reach a depth of fourteen feet.
Special events are celebrated at the KKC. Fall quarter, when Chanukka falls within the quarter, the Cop has a special Chanukka dinner featuring latkes. During Winter Quarter, a hamantaschen baking session occurs before Purim. Spring Quarter includes a special Pesach Cop for the week of Pesach, which is a separate meal plan. Throughout the year, members of the Cop invite guests to join them during Shabbat dinner.