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There’s more to running a baseball team than just reading scouting reports. The front office needs medical data and statistical analysis on prospective players and contract and payroll figures. “It’s all about looking at all the information you can find and putting it together in a way that makes sense,” said St. Louis Cardinals’ assistant general manager John Abbamondi, MBA ’04. “Fifty years ago, if you wanted to know about a player, you pulled a written file.” But now, “I can go to one system and ask for all the left-handed relief pitchers with scouting grades above a certain level and statistical projections at or above a certain number,” he told Technology Review. Which is not to say baseball is all stats and spreadsheets, especially to this longtime fan of the game. “I’m fortunate to work in a game where I can still touch on the memories from my childhood, and sometimes that comes home in a deep way,” Abbamondi said. “I still get a real sense of wonder getting to watch players like [Albert] Pujols take batting practice every day, and I hope that never wears off.”

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