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“I received some bad news in today’s mail. An attorney representing the owner of the Swing Groover trademark objected to us filing an application for ‘SwingGroove,’ claiming that it was ‘confusingly similar’ to Swing Groover. He demanded that we rescind the application. This objection may have some merit because the Swing Groover device is also a golf-training aid. I don’t want to spend time and money fighting a battle that I’m likely to lose. … Bye-bye, SwingGroove.”

Tom Cannon, Sloan ’87, blogging the ups and downs of an entrepreneur’s workweek for Cannon, who holds more than a dozen patents, is collaborating with Sidney Skip West, MBA ’80, on the golfing aid, which is now called BonusYards. The two alumni met at a Stanford entrepreneurs group dinner in Washington, D.C.

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