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“Time-management training is stunningly ineffective. If it weren’t, everyone in your organization would be a paragon of efficiency by now,” says Daniel Markovitz, MBA ’92, writing in Human Resource Executive.

Your company may not be able to eliminate email, Markovitz says, but he suggests ways to manage it.

“What happens is this: After learning the fundamental principles of time management, participants go back to their natural habitat with new tools, high hopes and grand intentions—and promptly get steamrolled by their email.

Within days they’re back to reading and responding to email as it arrives, being reactive instead of proactive, and fighting fires instead of having time to think, plan and solve problems. The ship of time-management ideas runs aground on the rocks of their reality, the unforgiving email inbox.” 

Markovitz, the founder of TimeBack Management, is a communication coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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