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Michael Chen

Doctoral Candidate



  • BS Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego, 2005
  • MS Bioengineering, Stanford University, 2007
  • Ph.D. Bioengineering, Stanford University, anticipated 2010


  • 2006 Acumen Medical, summer intern
  • 2001-2005 Cartilage Tissue Engineering Lab, Research Assistant
    • Role of surface wear on human articular cartilage, using Matlab image processing of cartilage surfaces
    • Mechanical weakening of articular cartilage due to IL-1, correlating biochemical indices using spectrophotometric and spectroflourimetric mulitwell assays with stress/strain relationships
    • Cellular characterization of human articular cartilage through light, phase, fluorescence, and confocal imaging and its association with aging and degeneration


I am exploring the concept of cell-based therapies for cardiac repair, specifically to examine the role of applied electrical potentials during the process of implantation.


  • Michael Q. Chen, Xiaoyan Xie, R. Hollis Whittington, Joseph C. Wu, Gregory T.A. Kovacs, Laurent Giovangrandi "Cardiac Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells through Point-Source Electrical Stimulation" IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, 2008, Vancouver.
  • Michele M. Temple, Won C. Bae, Michael Q. Chen, Martin Lotz, David Amiel, Richard D. Coutts, Robert L. Sah, "Age- and site-associated biomechanical weakening of human articular cartilage of the femoral condyle." Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 2007.
  • R.Hollis Whittington, Michael Q. Chen, Laurent Giovangrandi, and G.T.A. Kovacs, “Temporal Resolution of Stimulation Threshold: A Tool for Electrophysiologic Analysis” IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, 2006, New York.
  • Michele M. Temple, Yang X Xue, Michael Q. Chen, Robert L. Sah, “IL-1 Induces Tensile Weakening Associated with Collagen Degradation in Articular Cartilage” Arthritis Rheum 2006.

  • Michele M. Temple, Yang X Xue, Michael Q. Chen, Robert L. Sah. “IL-1 Induces Tensile Weakening and Collagen Denaturation in Human Articular Cartilage” Trans Orthop Res Soc, 2004, San Francisco.

  • Michele M. Temple, Kyle D. Jadin, Omar Bissar, Won C. Bae, Michael Q. Chen, Jeffery H. Price, Robert L. Sah, “Changes in Chondrocyte Content and Organization in Human Articular Cartilage with Early Degeneration” Trans Orthop Res Soc, 2004, San Francisco.



  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Academic Achievement Award: Graduated in the top 7 of graduating UCSD bioengineering class
  • Outstanding Research Award (2005): 2005 UCSD Bioengineering Award Ceremony
  • Beckman Foundation Undergraduate Research Scholar Award (2004)
  • Stein Institute for Research on Aging Student Investigator Award (2003)


Stanford University
Department of Electrical Engineering
Center for Integrated Systems
CIS 206X
Stanford, CA 94305-4075

Office Phone: 650-725-4075