Welcome to the Stanford Latin Jazz Ensemble website! Founded by four time Grammy nominated pianist and director Murray Low, the group is dedicated to the study, performance, and interpretation of Afro-Latin music and its fusion with North American jazz. The ensemble is considered one of the finest academic performing groups of its kind. Guest artists and clinicians have included luminaries such as Oscar Hernandez, Karl Perazzo, John Santos, Ray Vega, Doug Beavers, Andrea Brachfeld, John Calloway, and Jesus Diaz.


Auditions are now open for upcoming 2016-2017 academic year. We are always looking for talented musicians to join the group! At this time we are particularly looking for vocalists, Latin percussionists/drummers, trombonists and sax players. Stanford students can sign up for an audition by clicking here. We also accept non-students as well on an as-needed basis. You can contact director Murray Low via email at murlow@stanford.edu if that's the case for you.

For more information on rehearsal schedule, requirements and what it's like to be in the band, go to our join page. We hope you will consider joining in on the fun.

Past Concert Videos & Picture Galleries!

Go to our gallery page to view videos and pictures from previous concerts. Check out our guest artists concerts with such luminaries such as Karl Perazzo, Oscar Hernandez and Ray Vega!

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