Various LIBOR Interest Rate Manipulation Complaints Filed in California

The law firm of Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP has filed a number of actions on behalf of public entities in U.S. District Courts in California against the major financial institutions that set LIBOR alleging fraudulent manipulations.

Please see:

LIBOR Interest Rate Manipulation Complaints Filed: Lawsuits Filed Throughout California by Public Entities Against Major Banks for LIBOR Interest Rate Manipulation



Five complaints are as follows:

County of San Diego LIBOR Complaint [S.D. Cal. no. 13-0048]

EBMUD LIBOR Complaint [N.D. Cal. no. 13-0109]

Richmond LIBOR Complaint [N.D. Cal. no. 13-0106]

Riverside LIBOR Complaint [C.D. Cal. no. 13-0062]

San Mateo LIBOR Complaint [N.D. Cal. no. 13-0108]

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