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The best way to include images, audio, video and Flash is through the Attachments button. A range of image files, .mp3 audio files, .mov video files, and .swf files will be embedded in the page, You can also attach Materials you have in other sites directly from the Attachments page.

The Rich Text Editor can upload them, but that could make moving the assignment to another site somewhat more complicated.


A note on attachments from the CourseWork support team: It is best to upload attachments directly using the Browse button, rather than attaching a copy from another site. This is especially true for files in a My Workspace site, since that content is restricted to a particular user. It is not a problem in published assignments, because that makes a new copy and attachments are then associated with the course site. It does pose a problem if other instructors want to use or copy assignments to another site. The attachments won't show up for them in the Pending Assignments area.


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