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Creating New Assignments >> Question Types: Audio Recording

Audio Recording allows instructors to set a time and number of attempts. It should be noted that these are NOT the same as the Timed Assignment and Submissions settings. The software requirements for the Audio Recording applet are listed in Help link (Java 1.5 and permissions), but some students have found that the hardware settings for the microphone are a bit difficult.

You can display multiple audio recording questions on a page. The recording applet is now launched as a pop-up window from a link in the questions page, similar to the behavior in the old CourseWork system. The applet reliably saves recordings of up to 300 seconds, and the processing time for uploading is at an acceptable level. The volume meter bar provides live feedback during recording.


To use the recording applet, students should position the microphone 2 to 5 cm from your mouth and click on the "Click to record your answer ..." link.


They should accept any and all dialog boxes that may appear by clicking Yes, OK, or Run.


For example, click Yes in the Security Information box


and click Run in the Java Warning box

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